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Flashcard Library Browse Search Browse. Create Account. Additional Education Flashcards. Term The AF defines information superiority as:. Definition that degree of dominance in the information domain which allows friendly forces the ability to gain, exploit, disseminate, attack, and defend information without effective opposition.

Definition Influence Operations. Term What is the lead activity and first line of defense against adversary propaganda and disinformation? Definition Public affairs operations. Term Which activity misleads or manages the perception of adversaries, causing them to act in accordance with friendly objectives?

Definition Military deception. Term Which activity is used to locate and identify all sources of EM energy? Definition Electronic warfare support.

Term What activity is used to deny the enemy use of their networks? Definition Network attack. Term IO capabilities during reconstitution include:. Definition Influence friendly and neutral perceptions toward U. Term Which ICE capability provides three-dimensional positioning data and a standard timing source that allows coordinated and accurate force application?

Definition Precision navigation and timing. Term Why must the planning and execution of both IO and air operations be conducted concurrently? Definition The fast paced conduct of air operations must be considered in order to produce the most effective targeting plan. Term What is the primary mission of most intelligence units and is accomplished in response to expressed and anticipated user requirements?

Definition Analysis and production. Term Which step of the intelligence cycle includes correlating and converting data into a formulation suitable for suitable for subsequent analysis and production of intelligence?

Definition Processing and exploitation. Term Which step of the intelligence cycle include the integration, evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of information in response to known or anticipated intelligence production requirements? Term Which requirements are those deemed most important to mission accomplishment?

Definition PIR. Term What enables a commander to quickly assess situations, develop CONOP, and distribute changes to their forces? Definition Space-based systems. Term Where are the two continental U. Definition Joint. Definition Combat Plans Division. Definition ISR Division. Definition Combat Operations Division. Definition AOD. Definition JAOP. Definition Targets and Tactical Assessment Team.

Definition Evaluate the adversary. Term Effective PBA is the result of the synchronization of which key elements? Definition IPOE. Term Which targeting phase results in a probable target nominated for further investigation and development in the next phase? Definition Find. Term Which target phase of the kill chain can be the longest?

Definition Target. Term Which target phase takes a confirmed target and its location, and coordinates sensors to maintain situational awareness on the target and may require a reprioritization of ISR assets?

Definition Track. Term What are non-military facilities upon which attacks are prohibited, unless the adversary uses a facility in violation of LOAC? Definition No-strike facilities. Term What color code is used to represent names and man-made features, in marginal data? Definition Black.

Term What does a purple color code indicate, in reference to marginal data? Definition Aeronautical features. Term Vertical obstructions must be how tall to be listed as a navigation hazard? Definition feet. Term What is used to depict elevation differences on charts? Definition Shading. Term A degree is how many minutes? Definition 60 minutes.

Term MGRS uses what unit of measure? Definition meter. Term Which principle of Joint Intelligence is accepting the risk of predicting adversary intentions? Definition Prediction. Term Which principle of Joint Intelligence is thinking like the adversary?

Definition Perspective. Term At which level of war are campaigns and major operations planned, conducted and assessed? Definition Operational. Term What special military activity helps prevent adversary action through the presentation of a credible threat of counteraction?

Definition Deterrence. Term The Revolutionary War is an example of what type of warfare? Definition Asymmetric warfare. Definition Collaboration. Definition Contingency planning.

Term What is normally issued following a decision by the President that conduct of military operations in support of national interests is a distinct possibility?

Term The normal AEF cycle includes how long of a normal training period? Definition month. Term How many tempo bands exist and how long of a vulnerability period does each cover? Definition 5; 6 months. Term What is comprised of special operations units from more than one service, and may have conventional non-special operations units assigned?

Definition Joint special operations task force. Definition Locating foreign military unit bases. Definition Confidential. Definition F Lightning II. Term Which bomber carries the largest payload of both guided and unguided weapons in the AF inventory and is the backbone of the long range bomber force?

Definition B-1B Lancer. Term Which platforms primary mission is the interdiction and conducting armed reconnaissance against critical, perishable targets?

Definition Platoon. Definition Division. Definition 35G. Definition 5th Fleet. Term What type of ship is designed to protect other ships and as anti-submarine warfare combatants? Definition Frigates. Term Naval intelligence is conducted at what level in dedicated intelligence centers afloat, such as a Carrier Intelligence Center?


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Shared Flashcard Set. Total Cards Subject Education. Level Professional. Create your own flash cards!


Shared Flashcard Set

Shared Flashcard Set. Total Cards Subject Education. Level Professional. Create your own flash cards! Sign up here. Supporting users have an ad free experience!



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