General Electric GE has been producing the 9F family of heavy-duty gas turbines for more than 20 years. Launched in , the first had a simple cycle output of MW and efficiency of around 35 per cent. Refinements to this design led to the 9FA. The current version, the 9FA. Some of these new systems include an enhanced compressor, a combustion system that reduces NOx emissions to between 9 ppm and 15 ppm, hot gas path cooling enhancement, and blade health monitoring.

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We use them to give you the best experience. If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. Besides the gas turbines, Escombreras is using GE's H hydrogen-cooled generator. It is located in the Escombreras Valley, on the Mediterranean coast in Cartagena, around km south of Alicante. The dual-fuel station is in response to fast-growing power demand in Spain, which is already the fifth largest electricity market in Europe.

After shortages and price increases in , the country has begun a large construction programme of CCGT plants. The country has been scaling back its heavily subsidised domestic coal industry in response to EU regulations. It will still, however, increasingly rely on cross-border imports of bulk electricity. The improved output and efficiency have mainly come from increasing the firing temperatures.

The FB compressor is based closely on the FA design. It is an stage, axial flow unit with variable inlet guide vanes to maintain high part-load efficiency and low emissions over a wide operating range. Variable vanes also improve low-speed surge characteristics, make startups easier and provide good part-load performance in combined-cycle applications.

Throughout the compressor blade path, all airfoil material is high chromium-stainless steel. While the FA units operate at compressor pressure ratios of The compressor rotor tie bolts material was changed to IN alloy to provide improved clamp load for the higher torque.

The generator is hydrogen cooled. Low density, high specific heat and good thermal conductivity make this an excellent coolant for rotating electrical machines. Hydrogen gas is circulated in a closed loop within the generator to remove heat and then cooled by gas-to-water heat exchangers that are part of the stator frame. The compact frame is tightly sealed to prevent gas leakage; oil seals are installed on the shaft at each end of the stator to prevent leakage as the shaft emerges from the stator frame.

This is a significant factor in machine reliability. The combined-cycle plant was erected on the old steam plant site in the place of units 1, 2 and 3 — which were dismantled. Units 4 and 5 have been left as emergency units to supply up to MW. The plant is gas fired, with a backup of 30 hours of oil operation.

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Advertise with us. Order awarded May Start of operation September Location Escombreras, Murcia, Spain. Plant owner Iberdrola Generacion.

The Escombreras H generator is hydrogen cooled. Spain is reducing its coal and oil-generating capacity. Coil and oil use are being reduced by burning more gas. Recommended article.


GE upgrades two 9FA gas turbines at Egyptian plant

From Gas Turbines - Heavy Duty. The most experienced F-class 50 Hz product. First introduced in , the 9FA heavy duty gas turbine is a popular choice for combined cycle, cogeneration, or simple cycle plants where flexible operation and high performance are prime considerations. Designed for 50 Hz applications, this advanced technology turbine delivers power with high efficiency, availability, reliability, and low emissions. The 9FA gas turbine provides the flexibility required today in many regions for power that can be rapidly adjusted to compensate for changes in renewable generation, demand or use.


The 9F platform: A history of refinement

According to GE, the upgrades have improved the efficiency and availability of the combined cycle plant. The life cycle of the newly installed parts has also doubled from six years to 12 years. GE has been a partner to Egypt for more than 40 years; and more than GE gas and steam turbines are installed in the country, generating more than Turbomachinery Blog features postings from experts in all areas of turbomachinery, such as: gas turbines, machine diagnostics, materials, repairs, and aftermarket parts, and encourages users to participate, with reader engagement and interaction as its primary purpose. Forgot Password? View Cart Checkout.

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