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See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Aug 4, Alarm Grid is a home security product and alarm monitoring company that loves its customers. We have a strong appreciation of the DIY community, and want to make sure that we not only provide the best products and services out there but we also want to make sure that resources like these Honeywell product pdfs are easily accessible so that or curious customers can find what they need when they need it.

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No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Table of Contents Vault Partition A-1 UL Installation Requirements D-1 Event Log Alpha Descriptors UL These notes include specific information that must be followed if you are installing this system for a UL Listed application.

These notes include information that you should be aware of before continuing with the installation, and that, if not observed, could result in operational difficulties. This symbol indicates a critical note that could seriously affect the operation of the system, or could cause damage to the system.

Please read each warning carefully. This symbol also denotes warnings about physical harm to the user. Many system options are programmed in an interactive mode by responding to alpha keypad display prompts. These prompts are shown in a single-line box. The Vista Turbo Series is compatible with up to six 6 graphical keypads as well as later model graphical keypads.

These keypads may require a software update in order to be fully compatible. A keypad software version of or later is required for use with the Vista Turbo Series. Software updates can be installed easily using the removable SD card supplied with the keypad. The updated files may be obtained online from MyWebTech at honeywell.

This note affects graphical keypads only. All other features are identical. This feature requires a Relay Module. The trouble report code is used to report the masking. These zones are automatically bypassed and can be programmed to automatically unbypass when the zone restores. These zones must be restored before the exit delay expires, otherwise an alarm is generated.

It is a single-door access control module. The system is shipped defaulted for Contact ID communication. It is the only format capable of uniquely reporting all zones, as well as openings and closings for all users. If you need to update your MX receiver, contact your distributor. A Dialer Queue Overflow report E will be sent if the report queue goes beyond its limits. Life Safety events may go beyond 37 up to if there are no Burg events in the queue.

This prevents the polling loop from slowing down due to high bus activity in busy areas. The feature is enabled by Zone in Zone Programming. For DIP switch settings related to this feature, refer to the motion detector documentation. This is useful for interfacing the system with Automation software.

Automation software cannot be used if a serial printer is used on the system. Each zone must be assigned to one partition. The zonesThese areas are called partitions. A Partitioned system assigned to a partition will be displayed on thatallows the user to disarm certain areas while leaving partitions keypad s. Each system user can be assigned Usersto operate any or all partitions, and can be given a Each user may be given access to one or moredifferent authority level in each.

Following are some facts you need to know be enabled for Global Arming for those partitions whenabout partitioning. See wants to log on to from another. Setting-Up a Partitioned SystemThe basic steps to setting up a partitioned system are 4. Confirm zones are displayed at the keypad s described below. If you need more information on how assigned to those partitions.

Assign users to partitions. Determine how many partitions the system will 6. Assign keypads to partitions Device Programming alpha keypad only. Program partition-specific fields see the Data Field3. Assign zones to partitions Zone Programming in Descriptions section. When the first partition that affects the lobby isarea see example that follows explanation. The Common Lobby feature employs logic for automatic b.

The common lobby cannot be armed unless everyarming and disarming of the common lobby. Two partition selected to affect the lobby is armed. The common lobby cannot be armed unless every User 1: Arms Disarmed No change partition selected to affect the lobby is armed.

User 2: Armed Arms Armsb. Arming a partition that is programmed to arm the Sequence 2: lobby causes the system to automatically attempt to arm the lobby. User 2: Disarmed Arms No Change User 1: Arms Armed No Change You cannot select a partition to "arm" the lobby unless it has first been selected to "affect" the Notice that in sequence 1, because Office 2 was the lobby.

In sequence 2, the lobby could not arm when Office 2 armed,The following chart sums up how the common lobby because Office 1, which affects the lobby, was stillpartition will operate.

User 1 would have to arm the lobby manually. Therefore, you would want to program a partition to arms? User 2 has access to Office 2 and the Common Lobby. Office 1 is set up to affect the Common Lobby, but notarm it. Office 2 is set up to affect and arm the Common Lobby. NOTE: In the tables below, the notations inparentheses indicate the current status of the otherpartition when the user takes action.

Only disarm the lobby. The lobby must be armed separately,the partitions the user has access to are displayed. This after arming all affecting partitions first. Keep in mind, however, that if a user disarm partitions, the common lobby partition does notattempts to arm all, and another "affecting" partition is automatically follow another partition that isdisarmed, the user cannot arm the lobby, and the programmed to arm or disarm the lobby.

Thiscommon lobby in one of the following manners: causes the lobby to arm last. Additional zone faults are displayed one at a time. This master partitionallows viewing only of that partition. In order to affect The sounder on a Master keypad reflects the sound ofthat partition, the user must use a code that has access the most critical condition on all of the partitions.


Vista 128bp V1 Installation Manual

List of F igures Con ven tions U sed in Th is Manu al Theory of Partitioning Setting-Up a Partitioned System Common Lobby Logic


VISTA-128BPT/VISTA Turbo Series

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Commercial burglary partitioned security system with scheduling 80 pages. Commercial burglary partitioned security system with scheduling 88 pages. Commercial burglary partitioned security system with scheduling pages.


How to interface to an Ademco 128BP alarm panel and control it from Indigo


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