Soko banja. Pogled na deo Sokobanje sa terase restorana. Sokobanja je gradsko naselje i banja u opstini Sokobanja u Zajecarskom okrugu. Nalazi se visini od m nadmorske visine. Kroz Sokobanju protice reka Sokobanjska Moravica. Poznata je turisticka odrednica za rekreativni, a posebno banjski turizam.

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Abstract: The current process of globalization, complexity, dynamism and changeability is a challenge for all business systems and the basis of modern business conditions to which organizations must adapt. This problem is present both in market-developed economies and in transition economies, such as the economy of the Republic of Srpska. In the sphere of thermal baths tourism, today, great attention is paid to the problem of the company's readiness to change, both from the practical and from the research point of view.

The reasons should be sought in the fact that the modern age is characterized by new technologies, modern methods and techniques of organization and management of enterprises, modernized services in accordance with European standards and requirements of tourists in the field of thermal spa tourism. Thermal baths tourism management in the world of modern tourism is very complex and involves the introduction of a range of contents and activities that, along with traditional treatment, would meet the needs of a modern tourist.

In doing so, it is necessary to take into account the sustainable development, i. Therefore, successful management of thermal baths tourism requires strategic planning with clearly defined, realistic and measurable goals, as well as the rational disposal of natural, human and financial resources.

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Ma.KOM d.o.o.

Teao a oo aoja a , je e oeja. Spas are rare and irreplaceable national treasure, a precious natural, and recreational and tourism potential, the comparative advantages of European importance. Should be the basis for development of tourism in Serbia, because they represent an inexhaustible potential. It is necessary to establish a plan for their future economic and social development, and tourism development plan, in order to maintain their place in Serbia in order to improve its position in the European market. However, the degree of development of spas and degree evaluation of their tourist value, behind the right opportunities. Many authors agree with the fact that the spa tourism in Serbia missed opportunity.


Banjski turizam Srbije.doc

Spa tourism has a long-standing tradition and represents an important tourist attraction in Serbia. There is a large number of mineral, thermal and thermal mineral springs in Serbian spas. In prospect, spa tourism may play a key role in the economic development of Serbia and may also serve as an incentive for development of local communities. Over the past several decades, the development opportunities in the tourist sector are given priority; hence, the increasing number of local communities and regions are working towards development and improvement of their tourist destinations. Tradition, natural healing properties and health factors, rich cultural and historical heritage, domestic and international demand, and excellent geographical position are representative of spa tourism development potentials, whereas major limitations refer to the lack of a clear spa development strategy, poor infrastructure, legislative shortcomings etc.


Top pet najposećenijih banja u Srbiji



Upravljanje banjskim turizmom u Republici Srpskoj na primjeru Banje Vrućice.


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