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To assist with social distancing, all Metro Bus riders must board and exit through rear doors only. The front door will remain available to wheelchair riders and those who need the wheelchair ramp. Metro is also requiring all bus operators to use the transparent protective barrier that helps isolate them. While you are not expected to use the fare box or TAP validator at the front of the bus, please be in possession of fare during travel.

If you are using the bike rack, please let the bus operator know before exiting the bus — to give you time to get your bike off the rack at the front of the bus. Best practices include:. Starting Sunday, April 19, Metro will begin running a modified Sunday service schedule every day of the week. Those adjusted timetables can be found here. Metro Rail will run every 12 minutes between 6 a. Line-by-line details can be found here.

County has mandated face coverings for everyone when in public engaging in essential activities. Please note that face coverings and masks do not replace other public health hygiene practices.

We ask everyone to continue limiting travel to only essential trips, maintain physical distance from others, wash hands frequently and use other good hygiene practices. More coming soon! Metro Customer Centers. Metro Lost and Found. The worker had been hospitalized but was released to go home and recover under quarantine. Co-workers at Division 5 who may have been in contact with the employee within the past 14 days have been notified by Metro.

Per U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols, they have been asked to self-monitor their health, including taking their temperatures twice each day and seeking health care if they develop a fever or other symptoms of the virus. Metro thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the areas of Division 5 where the employee worked on Tuesday morning. We ask that all riders do their best to practice social distancing once aboard the bus — that is, spread out and try to stay at least six feet from other riders.

With many people staying home from work, there is much more room on our buses for social distancing. T he agency has strengthened cleaning at Union Station and major transit hubs.

Metro also continues to clean buses and trains at least once daily with EPA-approved disinfectants. In addition, Metro is producing signage and written materials on what customers can do to reduce the risk of being exposed to the virus.

As many people are already aware, an outbreak of COVID, also known as coronavirus, has disrupted daily life in many places across the globe. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has declared a local and public health emergency in response to increased spread of coronavirus across the country and six additional cases in L. From their press release :. Public Health stated that none of the new cases are from community spread, and all of these new cases were exposed to COVID through close contacts.

None of these cases were linked to the first case reported in LA County in January. Metro is being proactive and has formed a Contagious Virus Response Task Force that is closely coordinating with the L. County Department of Public Health and the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure an appropriate response to the coronavirus. There is no indication at this time that there is any increased risk to people riding our buses, trains and bikes.

County residents, students, workers and visitors are encouraged to practice good public health hygiene, as this is also the height of flu season. Check publichealth. Metro takes our role in supporting regional mobility and operating services seriously. We have previously dealt with similar public health situations before, including influenza, SARS and H1N1, and will draw on past experiences to inform our response going forward.

Metro will continue to ensure that our system remains as safe and clean as possible. County Department of Public Health , public health , rail cars. It does not help when Metro has homeless people constantly on the trains and refusing to move.

They are unclean and urinate and defecate on the trains. You could start by somehow removing such people that carry germs and smell up the train cars. I totally agree with Rick Beaver….. I do not feel safe. Either they are mentally abusive or they smell so bad I have to try several cars before I find one I can breath in.

The police do not ride the trains and police the aisles…. Also I no longer see undercover police on the trains.

They have gone from bad to worse, especially the Blue Line. Now with the Coronavirus threat I will definately have to go back to driving. Everyone deserves to be treated with decency and respect.

If you are a frequent rider, you know that Metro is extremely negligent in how it handles issues that occur within the train. The problems on the Metro continue to worsen on a daily basis. It endangers the health of everyone on the train. Use your brain, seriously. Ignorance like yours is what fuels a pandemic. I agree with all here. The trains are disgusting due to homeless people using as a hotel. I think Metro police should ask for cards to see if people have paid to ride.

I catch the gold line in Little Tokyo and count the amount of people that tap vs. I blame it on Metro for not installing turnstiles at all stations. I know that the thugs will still get in without paying but at least the turnstile will be somewhat of a deterrent for some. We feel unsafe seating on dirty seats they should be replaced and fabric should be completely removed as it absorbs dirt and smells bad and then we seat on that.

Yes, there are so many homeless sneaking on the trains. Better to prevent now than to deal with the consequences later.

At the very least, we need to resume sweeping trains at the end of the line instead of putting them on for service immediately. The wiping down and mopping is only performed on a limited amount of buses during the day by Service Attendants mid day when there are few buses in need of fueling. Although the majority of contamination is the result of homeless persons riding the bus there are regular passengers as well who do not exercise healthy daily care of themselves.

Perhaps the MTA should adopt a policy not to heat the buses and trains plus secure all the windows in the open position. We certainly were not comfortable especially at night but the occurrence of the disease was stymied. To repeat: the buses are cleaned before they go into service. Even if we wiped down the buses several times a day, we would still tell riders the same thing the health department is telling us: the best and most effective way to prevent corona from spreading is to have people wash their hands frequently and to avoid touching their face especially mouth, nose and eyes.

And this: I reject the notion that everything was always done better in the past. Sure, sometimes. I never said it was done better in the past. What I reported was how it was done in the past and believe nothing has changed. Once the bus got closer t the , I noticed there was more people aboard, notice the left most rear seat of the bus was open so I proceed to walk towards the seat only to find.

What angered me the most from that experience was the fact that it was dry vomit, not wet, dry. Honest question. Second, do you know if anyone reported it to the bus operator? That is the kind of situation in which we would get the bus clean as soon as possible. That was pretty much my thought. I just remembered it was between the ss, that I do recall.

And it was probably around pm when I first caught the bus. It costs considerably less than taking a bus out of service, which would also affect commuters trying to get home or to work. I get that folks use it as a loo many times a day thus the near constant aroma of urine, etc. This does not explain the fossilized filth. I have ridden the full length of the Blue Line with pools of vomit, fecal matter and urine in the train…at am in the morning before full rush hour even started!

Not to mention urine and fecal matter spotted on the platforms as well. I have seen men urinating in the corners of the train and directly on the cloth seats. No consistency, no thorough scrubbing or wiping. I do not feel assured one bit from this statement and dramatized ad from Metro. No homeless, no dirty seats and poles, and no inconsiderate drivers.

The early train from Santa Monica, 6. Last week a homeless person on the Expo train from downtown LA was coughing for the entire journey without covering his mouth. You need to check who is actually riding these trains, plus the amount of money being lost must be astronomical.

Completely agree with this. Catching the train after 10pm at Union Station is essentially a rolling tent and no one in sight to remove everyone sleeping off the train.


65 Mill Ave/Kyrene Rd

Normal operating days: everyday. Choose any of the 65 bus stops below to find updated real-time timetables and to see their route map. View on Map. In addition, get real-time info on bus status, bus delays, changes of bus routes, changes of stops locations, and any service changes. Additional information: 65 has 64 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 95 minutes. On the go?




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