Change to lower ratio booster to reduce amplitude. Use Amplitude Profiling. Reduce down speed. Change to lower gain horn if lowest booster is already in use. Absolute distance too high.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Instruction Manual. Table of Contents. Page 3 X ao Actuator Manual Change Information At Branson, we strive to maintain our position as the leader in ultrasonics plas- tics joining, cleaning and related technologies by continually improving our cir- cuits and components in our equipment.

These improvements are incorporated as soon as they are developed and thoroughly tested. The Branson X-Series system is process equipment for the joining of plastic parts using ultrasonic energy. It is the newest generation of product using this sophisticated technology for a variety of customer applications. This Instruction Manual is part of the documentation set for this system, and should be kept with the equipment.

Page 6 3. Page 7 Installing the Stack in the Actuator - - - - - - - - - - - - - Mounting the Fixture on the Branson Base- - - - - - - - - 4. Page 8 Rev. Page 10 Rev. Page 12 viii Rev. It does not alert the user to potential injury, but only to a situation that might eventually require additional work or modification if you ignore it initially. Therefore, use only non-grounded, battery-powered multimeters when testing these modules. Using other types of test equipment can present a shock hazard.

The items listed in this section specifically address issues involving the delivery, shipment, and warranty period provided. The cus- tomer is responsible for all travel-related charges. We appreciate your business and are interested in helping you suc- cessfully use our products.

To contact Branson for help, use the following telephone numbers, or contact the field office nearest you. Page Returning Equipment For Repair Branson representative, or the shipment may be delayed or refused If you are returning equipment to Branson for repair, you must first call the Repair department to obtain a Returned Goods Authorization RGA number.

If you request it, the repair depart- ment will fax a Returned Goods Authorization form to fill out and return with your equipment. Page Get An Rga Number 1. At your request, the Repair Department will fax an RGA form to fill out and return with the equipment. Page 27 Figure shows a Branson X ao Actuator mounted on a column support which, in turn is mounted on a column, and is supported by the ergonomic base.

Having remote pneumatic controls allows easier user access to the Actuator settings, often important in automated systems. The pneumatics covered in this manual refer to the remote box package sold by Branson. Some customers may require custom controls. Page Features Of The System 2. At a specified time, energy, peak power, distance, or by external signal you can change the amplitude during the weld to control the flow of plastic. This feature helps ensure part consistency, higher strength parts and control of flash.

Page 32 System Information Screen: This is a screen that will give you information about your welding system e. Refer to this screen when contacting Branson for service and support. The X rp is a separate component of a X ao. System controls and Actuator power are provided by the X-series Power Supply. Page Welding Systems Actuator and related welding, tooling, and parts-handling systems. The X Series Power Supply also contains a DC power supply for electrical power to operate the electrical components and control circuits in the power supply, and on the Actuator.

Page 35 X ao Actuator Chapter 2: Introduction to the X ao Actuator Instruction Manual Welding Systems Boosters are designed to resonate at the same frequency as the converter with which they are used. Boosters are usually mounted at a nodal minimum vibration point of axial motion. This minimizes the loss of energy and prevents vibration from being transmitted into the actuator.

Beep: An audible signal produced by the Branson control board. Used to alert the operator to an unexpected condition. Calibrate Actuator: The menus that guide you through the actuator calibration to calibrate dis- tance and force that must compensate for horn mass and return spring force. Calibrate Standards: The menu title for accessing the calibration and verification of pressure, force, power, and energy.

Ground Det. Cutoff: Ground Detect Cutoff. Immediately terminates the weld process, includ- ing the hold step, when a ground detect has occurred. Gnd Det. It is recommended, however, that you follow the procedure below upon receiving your Actuator. Inspect the Actuator when it is delivered: Step Page Unpacking 3. If you are returning equipment for repair refer to Depending on which one of the following options applies to you, unpack the Branson actuator assembly: 4.

Page 48 Chapter 4: Installation and Setup Handling and Unpacking Move the shipping container close to the intended installation location, leave it on the floor. Open the top of the box. Remove the insert from the top of the protective box, which may contain the booster, converter, and the toolkit. Page Actuator Alone Chapter 4: Installation and Setup Handling and Unpacking Remove the block s of wood between the base and the support by slowly loosening the two column clamps allowing the stand to rise slightly and then cutting the shipping tape on the block of wood.

Check your invoice for cable types and cable lengths. The stand on a base is often manually oper- ated, using its base-mounted start switches, and so is installed at a safe and comfortable workbench height approximately inches with the operator sitting or standing in front of the system.

Table 4. The ground screw on the rear of the actuator must be connected to earth ground with 8 gauge wire. The surface to which the actuator is mounted must also have the same flatness tolerance. Page Factory Air Failure to connect cooling air may void product warranty. Consult with a Branson representative if you have any questions.

You must provide an air filter assembly to the remote box which will support at least psig and remove particulate matter of 5 microns or larger. Keep clear of moving parts and do not loosen clamps unless directed to do so.

CAUTION If a stand is not mounted in a vertical position, the air filter on the column support must be removed, reoriented, and replumbed. Carefully lay the assembly on its right side NOT on the side with the linear encoder. Use of a guide pin is suggested. It is not provided with the actuator. If you require a guide pin, use a solid metal dowel pin, 12mm diameter, which must not extend into the actuator more than 0.

Page Mount The Power Supply The cable lengths are limited based on the operating frequency of the welding system. Performance and results can suffer if the RF cable is crushed, pinched, damaged or modified.

Contact your Branson Repre- sentative if you have special cable requirements. The cable connects to the rear of the Power Supply and the rear of the Actuator.

Page Serial Rs Port Connector The Printer Connector can support one printer model, to provide printed reports of your weld information, and to provide graphical representation of your weld results. The printer interface is for a dot-matrix printer, using a 9-pin printing head. One printer model is available from Branson at the present time. Page 70 Ensure all unused wires are properly isolated. Factory default setting is with all dip switches set to ON switch position closest to number designation.

The brackets in the Kit are designed for standard inch rack mounting options. If necessary, secure the larg- est portion of a square or rectangular horn in a soft jawed brass or aluminum vise. NEVER attempt to assemble or remove a horn by holding the converter housing or the booster clamp ring in a vise. Remove any foreign material from the threaded holes.

Reinstall the door assembly, and start the four door screws. Align the horn by rotating it, if necessary. Torque the carriage door to 20 in. Figure 4. Page 80 Make sure that the system power is turned off by disconnecting the power plug.

Loosen the four carriage door screws. Mounting holes are also provided for the optional Bran- son leveling plate kit. Ensure there are no leaks in the air supply connections. Turn on the power supply. Branson is pleased that you chose our product and we are here for you! If you need parts or technical assis- tance with your X-series system, call your local Branson representative or contact Branson customer service by calling the appropriate department as indicated in Table 1.

Table 5. With the actuator support, you can adjust the height of actuator housing above the fixture position. Damage to the mechanical stop can result. NOTE Turning clockwise will increase the stroke length; turning counter-clockwise will shorten the stroke length.

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Branson 2000X Series Instruction Manual

Quick Links. Article or Material must comply with the requirements. Table of Contents. Article or Material must comply with the requirements stipulated by RoHS in its current version Page 3 Instruction Manual Manual Change Information At Branson, we strive to maintain our position as the leader in ultrasonics plastics joining, cleaning and related technologies by continually improving our circuits and components in our equipment.



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