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Los mejor calificados por departamento. Departamento actual. Calibradores Vernier. Todos los departamentos. Arte y Manualidades. Belleza y Cuidado Personal. Celulares y Accesorios. Salud y Hogar. Hogar y Cocina. Herramientas y Mejoras del Hogar. Instrumentos Musicales. Productos de Oficina. Productos para Animales. Deportes y Actividades al Aire Libre. Juguetes y Juegos. Los productos mejor calificados en Calibradores Vernier. Por Sangabery.

Will be using for art. Going to be using this to turn papercraft models into 3D-Pen models. It's perfectly accurate. In the pictures I'm measuring a papercraft skull that I plan to make a 3D model of in the near future. I'm not saying I'm against using a ruler, now, but I think I'll be using this a lot more.

Haha It's a pretty solid little caliper. Definitely a keeper. Por Ryno D. This is the digital caliper you want This digital caliper is exactly what I was looking for. Easy to use budget friendly and got here fast. Item arrived in nice packing with easy to read instructions on back. Also came with 2 extra batteries in the package!. Caliper slides smooth and offers little resistance.

Perfect for use around the garage or home. Por mike. Fantastic caliper for the price Perfect for my needs--measuring jewelry wire and components. Lightweight plastic, but it won't receive much abuse from me. Extremely accurate. Very pleased! Por JanuarySun.

Va a usar esto para convertir modelos de Papercraft en modelos 3D-Pen. Es perfectamente preciso. Esta es la pinza digital que quieres Esta pinza digital es exactamente lo que estaba buscando. La pinza se desliza suavemente y ofrece poca resistencia. Perfecto para usar en el garaje o en casa. Extremadamente preciso. Traducido por Amazon. Ver comentarios originales. Ver todas las opiniones de los clientes. Por Vickie Riechers.

I like the 5 pack I like the 5 pack, that way you can have one handy no matter where you're at. Great for all those jobs where you really only need to know down to a millimeter or two. They will measure within 1 mm. The vernier scale appears to allow reading 0. The description says "measures to mm", At first, they did not open beyond mm but it was just a thin molding flash that stopped it; pushing harder sheared that off, and this model opens to mm.

The mm lines become broader and somewhat smudged beyond mm. The 1. Now you may not expect better performance from plastic calipers, but I have another style which is slightly, but noticeably better made and the vernier scale aligns correctly.

Por Amazon Customer. Miden dentro de 1 mm. La escala vernier parece permitir la lectura de 0,05 mm, pero no es precisa. Por Mitutoyo. Perfection These calipers are perfection, the kind of tool that inspires you to do better.

Machined to very tight tolerances, they have a silky satin finish without causing glare, making the scale and numbers easy to read.

All markings are etched just below the surface so can essentially last forever. They slide smoothly and close without effort, yet hold their position perfectly after releasing the thumb lock. The vernier scale, that elegant 17th century invention making dials and electronics look fragile, clumsy and unneeded, is bit wider than on Mitutoyo's almost identical sibling. This enables an even more precise readout. I also prefer the thumb lock over a separate clamping screw.

Por Michiel Kappeyne. Just about perfect I had been looking for a replacement for my cheap plastic hobby calipers, something rugged enough to carry around in my tool bag but that didn't break the bank. They had to be able to survive some bumps, and I didn't want to worry about accidentally damaging very expensive or very delicate calipers if they were too expensive or too delicate, they would never get used. These calipers are very well made, certainly a precision tool, and they fit the bill very well.

I like the simple vernier scale, because it makes the calipers more rugged than a mechanical dial caliper, plus they never need batteries like an electronic caliper. It's also very handy to have inches and metric, and to have the full set of measurements inside, outside, depth, and step, which I didn't know about until I read the instructions. Por johnsantic. Accurate to. Great if you work with coolant. No lock screw, but thumb rest has friction stop to hold readings. Por Sebastian.

Genial si trabajas con refrigerante. Por Woodraphic. Very useful but no instructions. So, I do like this tool.

Was frustrated at first because it has no instructions, and there is clearly some slide measurements that are not necessarily intuitive how to read. Nothing in the box or online. What I mainly use this for is squaring the fence on my routing table and table saw. Works very well for that as the slide has a lock.

It is precision made and has no play, and is a true 90 degrees. A little pricy for no instructions, but I did find a good use for it. Por craig mckeown. I like this tool This has the feel of a good quality and accurate tool. I have used it on wood and metal and am pleased with it. Por Buderowe. Was my gateway drug, I liked it so much that I bought all other Woodraphic measuring tools. Such a pleasure to use.

Por Alex Gorbatchev. Por lo tanto, me gusta esta herramienta. Lo que principalmente uso esto para es cuadrar la valla en mi tabla de enrutamiento y sierra de mesa. Funciona muy bien para eso ya que la diapositiva tiene un candado. Este es el jefe de todas las herramientas. Es un placer usarlo.


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