Los babilonios no consideraban que las constelaciones estuviesen en una esfera celeste y que estuviesen muy separadas unas de otras. Los resultados no fueron mejores que la causalidad. Dentro de las ciencias sociales un puntaje de 0. Bok, Lawrence E. Es simplemente un error imaginar que las fuerzas ejercidas por estrellas y planetas en el momento del nacimiento pueden, de alguna manera, dar forma a nuestro futuro. Edward W.

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El Dr. Kennedy y el Dr. El tema es presentado como un descubrimiento de "la NASA". Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Ernesto Salvini. David Garcia Monsalve. Information about Page Insights Data. Nullius in verba site Editorial. Robado de paleos Stolen from paleos Translated. I'm crying guys :' anyone watching it? Un poco de humor! A little humor! See More. The first fossil of a frog found in Antarctica offers a new view of the ancient climate of the continent.

Paleontologists discovered fragments of the hip bone and frog skull in 40 million-year-old sediments collected from Seymour Island, near the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. Scientists have previously found evidence of giant amphibians who walked through Antarctica during the Triassic Period, more than million years ago, but there are no traces on the continent of amphibians like today.

The shape of the newly discovered bones indicates that this frog belonged to the Calyptocephalellidae family, or frogs with a helmet, found today in South America. Modern relatives of the fossilized frog live exclusively in the warm and wet central Andes of Chile. This suggests that similar weather conditions existed in Antarctica about 40 million years ago, researchers report April 23 at Scientific Reports.

Aaron Miller shared a link to the group: Frogspotting. An ancient amphibian from Antarctica gives new insight into when the continent got so cold.

The first frog fossil from Antarctica has been found. That's how they are!! I didn't find the original. Grande Gould Great Gould Translated. Mother sea turtles might be smarter than they look Large reptiles make decoy nests to distract predators during often ignored behavior after egg laying, researchers say. Kennedy and Dr. Burns observed two species of sea turtles, mass baula turtles and the smallest carey turtle, in Trinidad and Tobago from to They discovered that turtles did not remain near the nests they had just dig up.

They moved up to several feet, in multiple random directions, stopping to spread sand in several "seasons" along the way, ranging from two to more than a dozen. Turtles also spent a great deal of energy and time, approximately 30 minutes, in this effort, exposing themselves to the dangers of predators and hot and rising sun.

They think a predator could dig in one or two attractive places that left a sea turtle and give up. Kennedy said that baula turtles and carey turtles are related by a common ancestor more than million years ago, adding that they may have learned the decoy's behavior to prevent small predators from digging after their eggs during the age of dinosaurs.

Continue Reading. In recent days, a false and sensationalist news has been circulating on the alleged " discovery " of a " parallel universe " where " time would go backwards ". The theme is presented as a discovery of " NASA ". Let me clarify the topic as it is almost a model of how a fake news is generated in science. It is a radiotelescope consisting of several antennas operating between 0.

The purpose of the experiment, which has already flown three times, is to detect very high energy neutrinos. At the south pole there is another experiment to detect lower energy neutrinos: IceCube. In both cases it is about finding neutrinos that penetrate the Earth from the other side, interact with material from the Earth's core and produce leptons: muons and tau particles depending on energy they are like heavier electrons that live very little and then decay..

Of those detection, the original neutrino energy can be rebuilt. In the images you can see a photo of ANITA crashed when landing , another from Scott-Amundsen base, and a scheme of how detection works.

What does this have to do with alleged parallel universes? And where does the fake news come from then? From the following. In a team led by a University of Hawaii scientist, P.

Gorham, published in Phys magazine. The cosmic ray would be an energy neutrino of the order of 1 EeV, although the angle and characteristics of the radiation do not exactly match what can be calculated with the standard model of particle physics. This is nothing but personal speculation without evidence, not included in the article , and clearly made to draw attention to it.

Apparently that didn't happen to Gorham's satisfaction, so later, in another interview, he told a New Scientist journalist, that imaginary new particle should violate CPT symmetry charge, parity and temporary investment. Then, a tabloid from Bangladesh, Bangladesh Dhaka Tribune, published a note related to parallel universes to the neutrino tau and saying, incredibly, that the claim that the particle came from another universe, made it "NASA scientists".

For this height both events detected by ANITA are called "impossible events", impossible events, and above come from another universe. Hence the news, which by this height involved my friend and colleague Luis Anchordoqui from New York, as one of the CTP rape theorists by these particles that already travel backwards in time, is lifted by diaries and websites of all kinds. There are several lessons to be drawn from all this. The most important ones in my opinion are: 1.

If you are a scientist and want to draw attention to your work, don't be irresponsible and do not speculate wildly. Don't be miserable. If you are a journalist, don't lift anything. Consult with a couple of experts first. If you are a web user and news services, do not create spectacular claims that are not made by the most reliable sources, such as being Academy of Sciences and prestigious scientific organizations. Distrust anything that says " NASA scientists discover If true, NASA will tell you, not the networks or a daily.

Try not to be an asshole. It's hard but you can. Source: Gustavo Esteban Romero Translated. We report on an upward traveling, radio-detected cosmic-ray-like impulsive event with characteristics closely matching an extensive air shower. No hay una inminente 'Mini Edad de Hielo'. There is no imminent 'Mini Ice Age'.

Throughout its lifespan, the Sun naturally undergoes changes in energy production. Some of these occur during a normal period of 11 years of peak many sunspots and low activity fewer sunspots , which are quite predictable.

But every now and then, the sun becomes quieter, experiences far fewer sunspots and emits less energy. This is called a " Great Solar Minimum ", and the last time this happened, it coincided with a period called " Small Ice Age " an extremely low solar activity period from approximately to AD in the Northern hemisphere, when a combination of volcanic aerosols cooling and low solar activity produced lower surface temperatures.

Some scientists have suggested that the relatively small magnitude of the last solar cycle SC 24 foreshadows a new Great Solar Minimum in the coming decades. But what big effect could a Minimum Great Solar have? In terms of climate forcing, a factor that could boost climate in a particular direction, solar scientists estimate it would be approximately Therefore, a new Great Solar Minimum would only serve to compensate for a few years of warming caused by human activities.

What does this mean? The warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions from human burning of fossil fuels is six times greater than the possible decades cooling of a prolonged solar minimum. Even if a Great Solar Minimum lasted a century, global temperatures would continue to warm up.

Because more factors than variations in Sun's production change global temperatures on Earth, the most dominant of which today are warming from human-induced greenhouse gas emissions.


Carl Sagan

El Dr. Kennedy y el Dr. El tema es presentado como un descubrimiento de "la NASA". Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help.



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