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They enable security, mobility, application performance, video, and energy savings over an infrastructure that supports resiliency, virtualization, and automation. Cisco Catalyst Series Switches provide borderless performance, scalability, and services with reduced total cost of ownership TCO and superior investment protection.

The Cisco Catalyst Figure 1 has a centralized forwarding architecture that enables collaboration, virtualization, and operational manageability through simplified operations. With forward and backward compatibility spanning multiple generations, the new Cisco Catalyst E Series provides exceptional investment protection and deployment flexibility to meet the evolving needs of organizations of all sizes.

Integrated resiliency in both hardware and software minimizes network downtime, helping to ensure workforce productivity, profitability, and customer success. The Cisco Catalyst E Series extends control to the network edge with intelligent network services, including sophisticated quality of service QoS , predictable performance, advanced security, comprehensive management, and integrated resiliency.

Scalability of these intelligent network services is made possible with dedicated, specialized resources known as ternary content-addressable memory TCAM. The Cisco Catalyst E Series offers four chassis options and four supervisor engine options Table 1. Using the same line cards as the widely deployed Cisco Catalyst Series Switches and classic Cisco Catalyst Series Switches, the Cisco Catalyst E Series furthers Cisco's commitment to affordable enterprise and branch-office scalability.

Table 1. Total number of slots. Line-card slots. Supervisor engine slots. Dedicated supervisor engine slot numbers. Supervisor engine redundancy. Supervisor engines supported. Maximum PoE per slot. Bandwidth scalability per line-card slot. Up to 48 Gbps on all slots. Up to 48 Gbps on all slots 5.

Number of power supply bays. AC input power. DC input power. Integrated PoE. Minimum number of power supplies. Power supplies supported. Number of fan-tray bays. Location of inch rack-mount. Front option. The Cisco Catalyst Series offers a powerful and flexible network solution that can be built with eight supervisor engine alternatives. Each provides a high-performance, centralized, shared-memory switch fabric, protecting your line-card investment by supporting the addition of optional higher layer engines Table 2.

Table 2. Not supported. The Cisco Catalyst Series has flexible interface types and port densities that allow you to mix and match network configurations to meet the specific needs of campus networks Table 3. Table 3. Cisco Catalyst Series Port Densities.

Cisco Catalyst Series Switching Modules. Number of Interfaces Supported per Line Card. Cisco Catalyst E. Switched 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Configuration Flexibility and Modular Superiority. Table 4. Cisco Catalyst Series Line Cards. Product Number. Cisco Catalyst E Series Port Cisco Catalyst PoE Cisco Catalyst Port Table 5 lists the minimum software requirements for the Cisco Catalyst supervisor engines. Table 5. Supervisor Engine. Minimum Software Requirement.

Supervisor Engine 6-E. Supervisor Engine 6L-E. Supervisor Engine 7-E. Supervisor Engine 7L-E. Supervisor Engine 8-E. Supervisor Engine 8L-E. This single solution can enable IT organizations to consolidate tools and converge workflows, reducing operational overhead and increasing productivity.

It provides a new operational model based on lifecycle processes aligned with the way network operators do their jobs.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure is built with scalability and extensibility in mind. It has the ability to manage global enterprise networks with thousands of network devices and hundreds of thousands of access devices, or smaller commercial networks with the same level of control and resiliency. It also provides powerful REST-based APIs enabling IT and service organizations to gather and distribute network information for operations, capacity planning, automation, and business intelligence.

Physical Specifications. Table 6 lists physical specifications. Table 6. Dimensions H x W x D. Rack units RU. Chassis weight with fan tray. Power Supply Indicators and Interfaces. Tables 7 and 8 describe power supply specification. Table 7. Power Supply.

No data only. Input current rated. Two VDC at 15A;. One VDC at Output current data. Output power redundant mode data.

Output power combined mode data. Heat dissipation. Holdup time. Table 8. Yes up to W. Up to W minus the power consumed for data when connected directly to a DC power plant or 2 external AC power shelves.

Output current PoE. Output power redundant mode PoE. Up to W minus the power consumed for data. Output power combined mode PoE. Data only: BTUs per hour. Data and voice: BTUs per hour. Hot swappable. Each Cisco Catalyst E Series uses a single fan tray for cooling. All fan trays are composed of independent fans. If one fan fails, the system will continue to operate without a significant degradation in cooling. Environmental Conditions. The Cisco Catalyst and E Series require the following conditions:.

Regulatory Standards Compliance. Table 9 lists the regulatory standards compliance of the Cisco Catalyst and E Series. Table 9.


Cisco Systems CAT4500 E-Series 6 Slot Chassis Fan No PS

Switch to something new: Boost speed and performance with our newest, most secure switches! The Catalyst Series includes our highest density modular-access, stackable enterprise network switches. Why Upgrade? See the Catalyst Series.





Cisco WS-C4506-E Cat4500 E-Series 6 Slot Chassis, Fan



Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches


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