Chanters, being the most all-round class in Aion, have endless potential hidden within them. A true Chanter expert can keep buffs up on allies indefinitely while also dishing out a respectable amount of damage as well as also keeping multiple adds CC'd for a limited yet crucial duration that may mean the survival or wiping of a group during both end-game raids and PvPvE skirmishes. All that sounds tough to you? Worry not! The Aion Chanter manual contains all the strategies, hints, tips and tactics that are necessary to accomplish that and even more!

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Forum Rules. What's New? Advanced Search. Results 1 to 1 of 1. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Manastones 2. Stigmas 3. Equipment 4. Gameplay 1. Manastones: There are several stats you want to increase with manastones. Those which are worth it are: 1. Crit 2. Magical Accuracy 4. Accuracy Your first aim will be to get your critical hit at about As second stat you should try to get your magical accuracy at a decent point.

Average MR without buffs or Manastones is about 1,6k-1,8k. Therefore that is the amount of MA you should try to reach. It is easy! In endgame gear, you'll most likely reach those stats and still have some slots left.

Now it's up to you what you prefer. My stats atm are: 15k HP 1,7k MA crit those numbers are variable, it's really about preference, each has pros and cons Sidenote: Don't calculate unbuffed, you have buffs which increase all of those stats and make reaching them ways easier. Stigmas: must have's: 1. Recovery Spell [ best heal a chanter has, low CD, low cast time] 2.

Protective Ward [important defensive buff which will safe your life in certain situations] 3. Rage Spell [most of the time useless but required to equip the following stigmas] 4. Disorienting Blow [ instant knockdown] 6. Splash Swing [ high damage skill] 7. Stamina Restoration [instant heal] 8. Blessing of Wind [ damage buff, increases damage by a lot! Rise [ 2nd Remove shock skill] Soul Crush [knockdowns the target if he's already stunned, random sometimes high damage] Soul lock [ damage skill, disables the enemy to use physical attacks, 25m range, can only be used if the enemy is stunned or kd'ed] My stigma build Annhilation [ Skill Chain, the last hit stuns] Enhancement Mantra [ gives stun resist] 3.

Accesories: Archon Commander's Corundum Set 4. Gameplay: 4. Magic Mantra 2. Celerity Mantra[ Movement Speed] 3. Intensity Manra[ Crit] Sometimes when I need a lot of damage, vs. It is a nice buff which gives you additional damage, especially in combination with Blessing of Wind and AAC'ing.

Promise of Earth just gives an attackspeed debuff which is pottable, but you already have hallowed strike which is not pottable and can be used non-stop. You wait a bit between each skill and use the next skill immediatly when the auto attack damage applies, so that you cut the complete animation of it. If you want some guide how to do it just use youtube. As Chanter you should not AAC all the time though. Some basic rules: 1. Always AAC if you run out of skills 4. AAC if you need to do high damage without wasting skills with high cooldowns or when they are already in CD 5.

Though imo Mountain Crash should nearly always be jumpshotted. Use Protective Ward wisely. Don't waste Remove Shock, especially not on short stuns.

Use it if you benefit of the time you gain. You can't knockdown an enemy if he takes no damage of the skill[Stone Skin, Spirit Sub. Stumbles don't override. If you try to stumble a target make sure he's not stumbled yet. Aetheric Field is like a second Protective Ward with even higher damage reduction. It's a RNG fest. Try to make him waste RS before going full damage mode 3. Try to get rid of hallowed strike before you try to burst him[kiting and bind skills can help a lot here 4. Try to keep at least one stumble skill until you try to finish him.

The removeshock stun is really reliable, you can use it if the enemy does not have RS anymore and you're sure that you won't get killed by a stunlock. Cleric: 1. Just don't do it if you're close to kill the cleric and you need to stay in range with him. Clerics have a high damage removeshock chain skill. If the cleric comes close and probably gonna use Hallowed Strike use Perfect parry to get the skills that require a parry.

If that is covered and you can't get out of range fast enough you're dead. Pward can help here though. You can use your RS-Chain skills all the time, clerics have 1 stun only. Templar: 1. Try to use removeshock only on knockdowns. Pward can safe you from high break powers and also gives stumble resist, aka can safe you from swordstorm etc..

Take care, they have a RS-CHain pull! Gladiator: 1. There are 2 ways of killing a gladiator. Make use of the hallowed strike chain slow debuff at the right time. Glads have 2 root skills.

Try to keep the greater healing pot for the case that one of them is covered. Aka, use dispell if it isnt. Assasin: This fight depends a lot on each's removeshock. Keep in mind that they have a silence and a blind skill. You can also immediatly RS and make him waste RS aswell and finish him after the buff is gone. Always keep in mind, if you already have the RS buff don't use pward.

If you have pward on don't use RS. It's not always possible though, depending on the incoming damage shadow rage etc and your HP 5. Take care of Sensority Boost. Don't waste any good skills on FE. Ranger: 1. If he sleeps you and covers sandstorm, make sure you dont waste your pot before you CAN pot sandstorm. If he hides use seed of detection to get him in stun first.

You can bridgeover the time of his RS buff with a covered bind. Try not to waste a greater healing pot on a first silence. You'll most likely be able take the damage without dieing and will have the pot kept if he uses sleep arrow, especially if you could manage to use PWard before.

Sorcerer: 1. If the sorcs pops vaizel and even better also illusion at the beginning of the fight, try to run straight away until those buffs are gone. Also use dispell if he slows you! IF you know a covered silence is incoming, and you wont be able to kite it off, use PWard.

If he's using Magic assist he'll if he's lucky even burst you through that. So aetheric is even better. Remove Illusion with an AAC'ed meteor strike. If he CC you, try to pop up a recovery spell before.


Aion Chanter Guide

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Having a profound mastery in enchantment magic, a Chanter benefits a group greatly by boosting various attributes of every group member. For a better idea of what the Chanter can do, visit the List of Chanter skills. Chanters have many supportive abilities which include some of the best buffs in the game as well as having access to some healing spells. The Chanter has a unique special buff system known as the mantra system. Mantras can be instantly cast at any time and stay in effect until the chanter decides to either cancel it or replace it with another mantra. Mantras are also canceled when the chanter dies.


Chanter DPS

Your browser has JavaScript disabled. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. My cleric feels so Weak. Miiuuchan - Jan 17th , pm. Sorcerer or Chanter - please clear my mind :.

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