Give the explications of Internet. Define socket. Write the syntax for creating a UDP socket. Differentiate between applets and application programs.

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What is the difference between node and host? A node is any addressable device connected to a network whereas the host is a more specific descriptor that refers to a networked general-purpose computer rather than a single purpose device such as a printer. What is the purpose of routers? Router operates like electronic postal workers that evaluate and forward packets between networks. Define protocol. A protocol is a formal set of rules that must be followed in order to communicate.

Why are the protocols layered? Layering protocols simplifies the task of communicating over the network and it allows for reuse of layers that are not specific to a particular application. Define encapsulation. Placing the data inside a package of headers is known as encapsulation.

Define port. A port is a logical channel to an application running on a host. URL Uniform Resource Locator : It is a specification for identifying an object Such as a file, newsgroup, CGI program or e-mail address by indicating the exact location on the internet.

Define IP Address? Each host computer on the internet has a unique number and it is called as internet protocol Address. A Web site is a collection of related pages. A Web browser is a program that displays the web pages it retrieves.

Define HTML. It is a simple page description language, which enables document creation for theweb. What do you mean by well-known ports? Port numbers can range from 1 to , however ports 1 to are reserved. These reserved ports are referred to as we1l-known ports because the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority publicly documents the applications that use them.

What is meant by Name Resolution? Name Resolution is the process of mapping a hostname to its corresponding IP Address. One way to translate a hostname to an IP address is to look it up in a simple text file. The second way is the domain name service, which is a distributed database containing all registered hostnames on the Internet and their IP addresses. Define protocol tunneling. Protocol tunneling is the process of encapsulating one protocol within another protocol that operates on the same layer.

The components are host, an optional port, path, filename, section and query string. Define URL encoding. What does ICMP provide? ICMP provides 1. Error messaging 2.

Demand reply functions Define IGMP. It is Internet Group Management protocol. It provides 1. Broadcasting 2. Multicasting List the goals of SGML. To manage the flow of millions of pages. For structuring information exchange 3. For modeling inter-document linkages 4. For managing information flows between departments and weapons systems What are the necessities of using HTML forms?

Gathering user information 2. Conducting Surveys 3. Interactive services What are the sequences of steps for each HTTP request from a client to the server? Making the connection 2. Making a request 3. The response 4. Closing the connection Define MIME.

List the predefined MIME content types. Text 2. Multipart 3. Message 4. Image 5. Audio 6. Video 7. Model 8. Application What is meant by loop back address? A zone that enables the server to direct traffic to itself. The host number is almost always List down font characteristics permitted in style sheets. What are Style Sheets? Style sheets are collections of style information that are applied to plain text.

Style information includes font attributes such as type size, special effects bold,italic,underline , color and alignment. Style sheets also provide broader formatting instructions by specifying values for quantities such as line spacing and left and right margins.

List down the ways of including style information in a document. Inline Styles -Style information is placed inside an HTML tag and applies to all content between that tag and it companion closing tag. Define cascading. Cascading refers to a certain set of rules that browsers use, in cascading order, to determine how to use the style information. Such a set of rules is useful in the event of conflicting style information because the rules would give the browser a way to determine which style is given precedence.

What are the style precedence rules when using multiple approaches? Styles defined in the document head override linked style sheets. Linked style sheets override browser defaults.

What is the role of server? Manages application tasks 2. Handles storage 3. Handles security 4. Provides scalability 5. Handles accounting and distribution 2. The program could be written in. Because IIS is tightly integrated with the operating system, it is relatively easy to administer. A set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.

A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks. A programmer puts the blocks together. Most operating environments, such as MS- Windows, provide an API so that programmers can write applications consistent with the operating environment. What are Servlets? A small program that runs on a server, the term usually refers to a Java applet that runs within a Web server environment.

This is analogous to a Java applet that runs within a Web browser environment. Java servlets are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to CGI programs. The biggest difference between the two is that a Java applet is persistent.

This means that once it is started, it stays in memory and can fulfill multiple requests. In contrast, a CGI program disappears once it has fulfilled a request.

What are Applets?


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