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Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Rotating shafts and electrical equipment can be hazardous. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that all electrical work conform to National Electrical Code NEC and all local regulations. Installation, start-up and maintenance should be performed only by qualified personnel. Factory recommended procedures, included in this manual, should be followed.

Always disconnect electrical power before working on the unit. Although shaft couplings or belt drives are generally not furnished by the manufacturer, rotating shafts, couplings and belts must be protected withsecurelymountedmetalguardsthatareofsufficientthicknessto provide protection against flying particles such as keys, bolts and coupling parts.

Automatic circuits may start the motor at any time. Keep hands away from the output shaft until the motor has completely stopped and power is disconnected from the controller. Motor control equipment and electronic controls are connected to hazardous line voltages. When servicing drives and electronic controls, there will be exposed components at or above line potential. Extreme care should be taken to protect against shock.

Stand on an insulating pad and make it a habit to use only one hand when checking compo- nents. Always work with another person in case of an emergency. Disconnect power whenever possible to check controls or to perform maintenance. Be sure equipment is properly grounded. Wear safety glasses whenever working on electric control or rotating equipment.

Safety Guidelines 1. The drive must be disconnected from the AC line before any service work is done. Correct protective grounding of the equipment must be estab- lished. The user must be protected against supply voltage and the motor must be protected against overload in accordance with applicable national and local regulations. Ground currents are higher than 3 mA. Warnings Against Unintended Start 1. While the drive is connected to the AC line, the motor can be brought to a stop by means of external switch closures, serial bus commands or references.

If personal safety considerations make it necessary to ensure that no unintended start occurs, these stops arenotsufficient. During programming of parameters, the motor may start. Be certain that no one is in the area of the motor or driven equipment when changing parameters. A motor that has been stopped may start unexpectedly if faults occur in the electronics of the drive, or if an overload, a fault in the supply AC line or a fault in the motor connection or other fault clears.

Motor Overload Protection NOTE It is responsibility of user or person installing drive to provide proper grounding and branch circuit protection for incoming power and motor overload according to National Electrical Code NEC and local codes. Touching electrical parts may be fatal — even after equipment has been disconnected from AC line.

To be sure that capacitors have fully discharged, wait 14 minutes after power has been removed before touching any internal component.

X and all prior versions. The software version number can be determined from parameter , SoftwareVersion. This number can be found on the red nameplate on the outside left side of the drive enclosure, or the outside right side of a drive with an auxiliary enclosure. A cross reference from the VLT Type to the model number can be found on the next page. The drive must always be installed vertically. To ensure that no injury or damage occurs, the drive must always be firmly attached to the wall or the floor before further installation work is carried out.

Clearances The drive is cooled by air circulation. For proper cooling, the minimum distances above and below the unit must be maintained as shown in the table below.

For units in an auxiliary enclosure with the drive mounted on a backpanel, the required clearances are measured from the top and bottom of the drive, not the backpanel. All drives can be mounted with no side clearance. Sufficient space must be provided in front of the drive for door swing on units with a hinged door.

VLT drives HP and above require 25 inches mm front space for access. In addition, sufficient room must be available for installation and service access. On units with an auxiliary enclosure, the auxiliary enclosure door will have a greater door swing than the drive. See the dimensional drawings of the auxiliary enclosure which are included with the drive. Mount directly to the wall all drives without a backplate.

This ensures that air flow is in contact with the heatsink all the way from the bottom of the drive. If this is not possible, a metal plate at least as large as the back of the drive must be firmly mounted to the back of the drive see tables below. A backplate assembly is available from Danfoss.

Drives without a backplate mustbemounted directlytoasolidwallwithnospacersbetween thedriveandthe wall. Free-standing drives without a backplate require a backplate to be mounted. Plenum Mounting The drive is UL rated for plenum mounting. If the drive is to be mounted in the plenum, allow sufficient access for servicing.

All normal clearance, temperature and humidity limitations apply. Auxiliary panels that may be supplied with the drive are not UL rated for plenum mounting. To meet UL requirements, the metal grounding plate must be in place above the plastic bottom cover. The plate must be grounded to the chassis and the conduit grounded to the plate.

If the grounding plate is not factory installed, it must be installed in the drives that have a plastic bottom panel to ensure proper grounding of the conduit to the enclosure. Connect the ground wire from the grounding plate to the ground tab marked with the ground symbol. This tab is located near the AC line terminal strip. Mount the bottom cover on the control unit. Shielded Wires Wires to control signals should be shielded to reduce radio frequency noise interference.

When RFI is a concern, shielded cable should be used between the drive and the motor. If unshielded control wires are used, control inputs are subject to signal disturbances. Such disturbances may affect drive operation. Extreme noise levels may disturb the microprocessor of the control card. The shield of the control wires must be grounded at the cable clamp at the bottom of the drive, but the shield must continue with the cable all the way up to the control card.

The shield is not to be connected to any of the terminals on the control card. For safety reasons, the insulation around the shield should only be removed where it is connected to the cable clamp. The insulation should be left on the shield between the clampandtheterminals. Generally speaking, all conductors coming from a shielded control cable must be as short as possible. Long conductor ends attract noise.

The shield must be connected to the chassis by means of the cable clamp.


175Z7053 Danfoss VLT6011 7.5kW Variable Frequency Drive

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Danfoss VLT 6002-6011 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual. Installation, Operation and. Adjustable Frequency Drive. Table of Contents. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that all electrical work conform disconnect the equipment from the AC line and is not to be used as to National Electrical Code NEC and all local Page 4 VLT Start-up


Danfoss VLT 6011 Variable Speed Drive 7.5 kW 10HP 380-460V

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DANFOSS 178B2023, VLT6011, VLT 6000 HVAC, Frequency Converter


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