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Zam yok, daha fazla materyal var Zam yok, Bonus Card'a 8 aya varan taksit var Zam yok, indirim var Moda Cad. NOT: 1. A closure C delay B crowd D request E procedure 2. Until recent times, it was difficult for commanders to give A victories B conflicts C expressions D orders E statues 3. A describe B witness C recognize D realize E connect 4. A consider C earn B tolerate D refuse 6. Between Sicily and Tunisia, the Mediterranean Sea, being only about metres to the bottom, is quite A shallow C rough B narrow D steep E empty 7.

The crime writer Agatha Christie A exactly C doubtfully B regularly D mysteriously E weakly 8. That was A slightly B absolutely C extremely D terribly E equally 9.

The bank robbers managed to A fortunate C pleasant B willing D familiar E excited As much as , km2 of rainforest is In order to use a car in many foreign countries, the driver A is having B must be having C has been having D needs to have E might have When Ernest Giles The problem we Cosette, and soon she feels the same way In classical mythology, Prometheus was punished by the gods My copy of The Brothers Karamazov is A enough C so B as D too E such The rice is King Lear had three daughters, but only one of them was loyal to him; A the other C others B the others D another E each other There are only In France, the number plate of every These represent the area in For example, the number 75 is the number of the capital, Paris.

This system is only going to last In that year, a new style of number plate is going to be introduced throughout the country. The Royal Opera House in London is This leads her into a deadly struggle with Baron Scarpia, the chief of police. The Romanian soprano Angela Gheorghiu will be appearing Gheorghiu played Tosca in a film, but found it A tool B journey C transportation D vehicle E identity E whose E just A will be able to say B would say C has said D could have said E is saying A the most C much B more D so E very In spite of its reputation as a wet country, A England is currently going through a serious water shortage B the seasons are quite variable in temperature, though C certain areas experience flooding quite often D the highest temperature ever recorded in England is In China, A which has such a large population B until the application of the one-child policy C that is currently somewhere around 1.

I think Paul will be less afraid of swimming in deep water A that he kept her as his only legal partner up to his death in B because he humiliated her later in her life C therefore, he later left her in order to marry Anne Boleyn D who had been married to his brother before him E so the capital was Zaragoza on the river Ebro A What is your favourite form of transportation?

B How are you going to get to Ordu? C Who are you going to Van with? D Which bus company will you use? E Did you get a discount on your Mersin tickets? No, but I would like to. A Would you like salt on your potatoes? B What do you know about the Renaissance? C Have you ever tried parasailing? D Are you anything like your sister? E Where are you going on vacation this summer?

A Does Olga have time for a game of cards? B Will Tamara be coming out with us this evening? C What time are you going to go and visit Phoebe? D How long is Imelda coming over for? E When are you expecting Cheryl to arrive?

I doubt that it will. A Why are you hesitating to propose to Anna? B How do you feel about the new government policy? C Do you think the tennis match will be any good? D When are you planning to get engaged? Hundreds of years before Dutch spectaclemakers invented the telescope in the early 17th century, the Vikings may have used something similar.

According to some scientists in Japan, silkworms can be used to make a number of medical products. A In organic agricultural systems, which rely on biological and mechanical methods, both traditional and scientific knowledge is utilized. B The biological and mechanical methods used in organic agricultural systems have been developed by utilizing both traditional and scientific knowledge.

C Biological and mechanical methods are used in organic agriculture, which relies on both traditional and scientific knowledge. D Organic agricultural systems rely on biological and mechanical methods developed by utilizing both traditional and scientific knowledge. E Organic agricultural systems, utilizing biological and mechanical methods, rely not only on traditional but also on scientific knowledge. A Steve Fossett was forced to abandon the flight because of deteriorating weather conditions when he got to Brazil in a balloon.

B Steve Fossett had got as far as Brazil in a balloon when he was forced to abandon the flight because of deteriorating weather conditions. C Steve Fossett had to abandon his intended balloon flight to Brazil due to deteriorating weather conditions.

D When the weather began to deteriorate, Steve Fossett was forced to abandon his balloon flight, although he had got so close to Brazil. E Steve Fossett had reached as far as Brazil in a balloon when he had to abandon the flight, since the weather was beginning to deteriorate. A Because the Furby, an electronic toy, is thought to repeat the words it hears, some intelligence agencies have banned it in offices. B Some intelligence agencies have banned the Furby in offices because they think the electronic toy is able to repeat the words that it hears.

C The Furby, an electronic toy, is not allowed in some offices of intelligence agencies, as it is thought to hear and then repeat the words said in its vicinity.

D Some intelligence agencies thought that the Furby, an electronic toy, could repeat the words said in its vicinity, so they banned it in offices. E The electronic toy Furby was banned in some intelligence offices after it was discovered that it could repeat the words that it had heard. A Japanese firm has created a handheld gadget to check stress levels by analyzing saliva. The Cocoro Heart Meter has a microchip which a person moistens with saliva from his or her mouth and then sticks into the machine.

Within one minute, the machine will tell that person what his or her stress level is. The gram gadget measures the level of amylase in the saliva. An executive who tried out the Cocoro Meter registered a frightening The gadget costs dollars, with a package of 20 microchips costing another 30 dollars. While writing her stories, she was inspired by the fairy tales and legends she heard from her grandmother. She sometimes borrowed elements from Victorian supernatural stories. The book was used as an aid to the teaching of Swedish geography in primary schools.

We can understand from the passage that the Cocoro Meter


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Zam yok, daha fazla materyal var Zam yok, Bonus Card'a 8 aya varan taksit var Zam yok, indirim var Moda Cad.

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