Jeppesen offers an extensive array of charting and navigation services including Airway Manual - Jeppesen's renown paper chart services and JeppView - electronic chart services configured to meet a variety of uses. Full color, high-quality vector-based electronic approach charts allows you quick access to charts for in-cockpit use. Designed for trips outside your normal coverage area and contain the same contents as a Standard Airway Manual but cannot be updated. Ideal for flight planning purposes. Shipping Information : All Jeppesen charts will ship to you directly from Jeppesen.

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This Award can be conveniently booked and ticketed online with account login using your PIN. Please note that Award travel is subject to seat availability. Having a range of possible flight dates can often result in confirmed seating, Award tickets can only be issued when all sectors in the booking are confirmed.

From 01 October onwards, Star Alliance awards can be redeemed for either oneway and roundtrip award tickets online, departing from worldwide. Due to currency handling limitation, the destinations departing from India, USA, and South America are not currently available online. In this case, you can contact local THAI offices to redeem the award tickets on stated departing countries. The chart consists of 12 geographic zones.

To determine destinations in each zone, please refer to the below Geographic Key link. Mileage requirements are for one way travel, for roundtrip travel double simply the stated miles are required.

Mixing of class of service is permitted. However, the mileage for the highest class of service in each direction will apply. Related Links : Geographic Key. LOG IN. Welcome to Royal Orchid Plus.

Please enter your membership number and PIN. Save Member ID? Reset PIN. Toggle navigation MENU. Online only! Spend Miles. Award travel must be on the most direct route possible with a maximum of 4 sectors per Award itinerary One enroute stopover in each direction is permitted per Award journey.

One open jaw at point of turnaround or origin is also permitted per Award journey. No stopover is permitted in the country of origin. No stopover is permitted on pure domestic travel. Backtracking is only permitted as required by the Star Alliance network.

Stopovers are not permitted when backtracking. Mixing classes of service for Award travel is permitted, however the mileage for the highest class of service in each direction will be applied.

All taxes and surcharges associated with Award travel are the responsibility of the member or ticket holder, and may be collected at the Award ticket issue location, or during the Award journey. Change of carrier not permitted after ticket issue. After ticketing, a fee is applied for reservation changes. Details of service fees, click here. For departures 4 days 96 hours or more after a booking is confirmed, ticket issue must be completed within 72 hours after booking confirmation. For departures less than 4 days 96 hours after a booking is confirmed, ticketing is immediate.

Failure to meet ticketing timelines, will result in booking cancellation with miles, less any expired miles, re-credited to the relevant account. Terms and Conditions may change without prior notice.

Award travel is valid for a minimum of 10 days and maximum of 1 year from the date travel commences. Maximum 10 stopovers and minimum 3 stopovers allowed per round-trip journey. One single open jaw is permitted in addition to allowable stopovers.

One stopover only is permitted in any one city. Two stopovers only are permitted in any one country. No stopovers in country of origin. Side trips require an additional Award, or a separate paid ticket. Connections must be on the first available flight within 24 hours when required by routing and are not considered stopovers. No mileage re-credit in part or whole permitted after travel commences.

All taxes associated with Award travel are the responsibility of the member, and may be collected at the Award ticket issue location, or during the Award journey. Need Help? Ask me here Quick Links. About Royal Orchid Plus. All rights reserved.


Welcome to Royal Orchid Plus

The PDF formatted charts are created from their respective native chart files. As each paper Enroute chart is updated, its Geo-tiff and PDF equivalents are updated and available for viewing from this website. Please ensure you are using the most current chart by referring to the chart legend. Should you discover or encounter an error in any of our products, you are encouraged to contact us immediately. Next Editions will be available 19 days prior to their effective date. Next edition Caribbean charts will be available 13 days prior to their effective date. Please report any application errors and provide comments via the portal's Website category.


IFR Enroute Aeronautical Charts and Planning


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