Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Posted: Wed Apr 25, am. For Rent! The original came out in April , I think. In our reality 7 years passed, but over there it's been just weeks

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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Posted: Wed Apr 25, am. For Rent! The original came out in April , I think. In our reality 7 years passed, but over there it's been just weeks I wonder how many of you were not legally allowed to read my comics back then For Sale!

Like I do in many many many stories before, I start the comic early in the morning, just before the slavegirl wakes up her master. If I wasn't an unwanted pariah on the new-and-clean TVtropes site, I think this scene would have been my only original contribution to their trope list. Anyway, here is a brief summary of the plot: Cindy wakes up next to her husband-master and sexy stuff happens for 45 pages. If you don't focus on all the bad stuff like slavery, r pe, violence, death, etc, you'll see that it is a heart-warming story with a happy ending.

For Sale! Posted: Wed Apr 25, pm. Leccacazzi But Spoilering all the below out of an abundance of caution. Fantastic once again E, really took it in a direction other than where I thought it might go. Particularly interested in the fact that Peter appears to be becoming a bit of a beacon of hope for all the girls in the town simply by dint of not being quite so terrible as all the other guys around. That and how Maggie gets treated of course. And it's made yet more interesting by the fact that by cultivating this sort of image, Peter is exercising control over not only his own slaves but the slaves of others in a far more effective, and indeed cost-effective effort versus outcome way than any other male character we've yet seen in the series.

Even his father could learn something from him at this stage. Peter has recognised something that nobody else seems to have spotted - in a world that's generally pretty miserable for women, if you offer them a chance of being treated just a little better, they'll be falling over each other to submit to you entirely willingly, without you really having to do anything. It really makes the brutal, simple-minded methods of his contemporaries - the whip, the violent sodomy and so forth - seem terribly unsophisticated.

That said, maybe - just maybe - Peter isn't doing this entirely out of Machiavellian self-interest. He's put himself in a slightly risky position in failing to come to the aid of Cindy's uncle at the end of the comic. From a self interest perspective he'd have been better off calling an ambulance.

Might it be that Peter's gone a bit soft? Who knows Another fabulous effort, E, and I can't wait to see where this storyline goes next! Posted: Thu Apr 26, am. Posted: Thu Apr 26, pm. Why do they have to release it when I'm at work and can't download. Band them all! Is it insider trading or just good business sense? Everything is about Sex except Sex.

Sex is about Power! This is a happy day for me. It happens times a year. A new Erenisch comic ready and I'm ready to dive into the greatest fantasy world ever I'll be back with spoilers soon. Posted: Fri Apr 27, am. Thanks all Posted: Fri Apr 27, pm. I really liked the focus of this, with Cindy featuring in every scene. So many great things to unpack and I will probably come back with more detailed thoughts but one thing that I really, really enjoyed was yet more amazing world building with the funeral and graveyard - never thought about this aspect of life in the E-verse before before and as always with E's brilliant work of imagination, it inspires all sorts of new thoughts and ideas.

Of course this is how a graveyard would be! Loved the little detail of CumKitty being "dead" to the world and her enslavement date used in preference to her birthday. Fantastic to see really dark ideas dealt with too Cindy's aunt's death! Great great comic. Cindy looks hot throughout. The new characters are gonna be in BG thg I'm guessing. Kinda wanted to see her uncle fuck that sassy blonde slut. I predict that Peter's niceness is gonna get him and his harem in big trouble down the line.

Or so I hope. I have finished the comic and read it twice after that already Verdict - another great comic. With E you can't go wrong. Like Triona I loved the universe building parts especially the graveyard and the FSO guy's expose about the big-tit phenomenon. So many details and subtle jokes in there. Spoilery question to E: Who is the girl at Sherry's fathers gravestone?

Is it his wife or Sherry. I can swear she looks like sherry. Maggie is getting two more competitors soon. How safe is she as the slave-wife? I really liked the part where Peter took Cindy's picture to tease Maggie, and when he puts Cindy in her place when she tries to kiss him. Very nice details about their characters and motivations.

I love seeing these things in E's stories. No one has said anything about this yet He also mentions it is having an adverse effect on male and presumably female 's life spans as a result of the chemicals. I didn't really see a timetable mentioned, but could this comic hint that these chemicals were the reason there was a problem with the Y chromosome in the first place, leading to an imbalance between men and women?

Posted: Sat Apr 28, am. Dofantasy Comics Portal. Tweets by ErenischComics. Page 1 of 3. Previous topic Next topic. Post subject: For Rent! Post subject: Re: For Rent! Zugzwang wrote: But Erenisch wrote: Zugzwang wrote: But Another new classical of BDSM! Erenisch wrote: Thanks all For Sale is on sale at the moment? Quote: genetic manipulation Also remember the constant hard-ons.

I think men are getting dumber because of this. The graveyard scene, Cindy-Grace-Ginger scene, and the final are great. Did you notice the flashback scene ties to Hanna Cox scene in BG2. I will do a breakdown spoiler thread for this soon. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.


Porn Comic: Fansadox - Erenisch - For Sale

This is an entirely fictional work based on cartoon characters for adult entertainment. It shows no real people or events. No actual toons were harmed in the making of this comic. T he metallic clanging of the final bell is drowned out by the clamor of books slamming shut, lockers banging and cheers echoing down hallways.


Fansadox 271 – Erenisch – For Sale Comics porn

Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Posted: Sun Apr 08, pm. Posted: Fri Apr 13, am. Everything is about Sex except Sex.

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