There are over test patterns for calibrating geometry in and aspectratio , synchronization, focusing, static and dynamic convergence. The output frequency can be set directly with a resolution of 50 kHz. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Printed in the Netherlands. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Table of Contents. Related Manuals for Fluke No related manuals. Page 3 Fluke's warranty obligation is limited, at Fluke's opinion, to refund of the purchase price, free of charge repair, or replacement of a defective product which is returned to an Fluke authorized service center within the warranty period. Page 8 Users Manual Aarding Page 11 Contents continued Remote Control Display Indication of built-in Options Delivered Power Cable Cable suministrado Cavo di alimentatione fornito in dotazione Meegelverde netkabel Page 16 Sound Operating Modes cont External Video Modulation Modes External Sound Mode Fluke 'Status Byte Register' Telephone Country Code Page 18 Users Manual Opstellings- en veiligheidsinstructies Front Panel Figure Rear Panel Page 20 Users Manual Page Installation And Safety Instructions Check that the shipment is complete and note whether any damage has occurred during transport.

If the contents are incomplete or there is damage, file a claim with the carrier immediately, and notify the Fluke Sales and Service organization to facilitate the repair or replacement of the instrument. Page 22 Users Manual The instrument shows the main screen with the current settings: Figure Figure Page 24 F5 to return to the submenu.

Page Introduction Installation and Safety Instructions Introduction Introduction This chapter should be read before unpacking, installing, and operating the instrument. It describes grounding, power cables, and fuses. Safety Instructions Upon delivery from the factory the instrument complies with the required safety regulations, see Chapter 7.

On delivery from the factory the instrument is supplied with the ordered power cable: Table Delivered Power Cable Type No. Page Operating Position Of The Instrument Installation and Safety Instructions Operating Position of the Instrument Operating Position of the Instrument The instrument can be operated on a horizontal surface in a flat position or in a sloping position with the tilting feet folded down.

Ensure that the ventilation holes are free of obstruction. Page 28 Users Manual Para que se conserven estas condiciones, y para evitar riesgos en el uso, hay que seguir cuidadosamente las indicaciones siguientes.

Page 32 Users Manual Page Istruzioni Di Installazione E Di Sicurezza Installation and Safety Instructions Istruzioni di installazione e di sicurezza Istruzioni di installazione e di sicurezza Istruzioni di sicurezza L'apparecchio viene fornito dalla fabbrica perfettamente sicuro e funzionante dal punto di vista tecnico vedi Cap. Per preservarlo in condizioni ottimali e garantirne un corretto funzionamento, attenersi scrupolosamente alle seguenti istruzioni.

Evitare quindi di farlo intenzionalmente. I contatti esterni delle prese BNC trasferiscono il potenziale del punto neutro del circuito e sono collegate all'incvolucro dell'apparecchio. I fusibili si trovano nel portafusibili sul quadro posteriore del modulo della potenza di entrata. Page Opstellings- En Veiligheidsinstructies Installation and Safety Instructions Opstellings- en veiligheidsinstructies Opstellings- en veiligheidsinstructies Veiligheidsinstructies Het apparaat heeft de fabriek in een onberispelijke veiligheidstechnische toestand verlaten zie hoofdstuk 7.

Voor het behoud van deze toestand en het risicoloze gebruik dienen de onderstaande instructies nauwkeurig te worden opgevolgd. Onderhoud en reparatie Storingen en uitzonderlijke omstandigheden Wanneer verondersteld moet worden dat een risicoloos gebruik niet meer mogelijk is, Page Stroomkabel, Netspanningsgebied En Zekeringen Users Manual Waarschuwing Elke onderbreking van de beschermende aardleiding, hetzij binnen of buiten het apparaat, of de scheiding ten opzichte van de aardleiding zijn gevaarlijk.

Een opzettelijke onderbreking is verboden. Op de externe contacten van de BNC-bussen is het schakelnulpunt-potentiaal aanwezig. Deze contacten zijn met het huis verbonden. Page Bedrijfsstand Van Het Toestel Installation and Safety Instructions Bedrijfsstand van het toestel Waarschuwing Wanneer een zekering vervangen moet worden, dient het toestel van alle spanningsbronnen te worden losgekoppeld.

De zekeringen zitten in de zekeringshouder op het achterpaneel van het ingangsstroom- moduul. Page Ontstoring Radio-Interferentie Users Manual Ontstoring radio-interferentie Wat radio-ontstoring betreft is het apparaat zorgvuldig ontstoord en gecontroleerd. Bij het schakelen in combinatie met basisunits die niet correct onstoord zijn en met andere perifere apparatuur, kan radiostoring optreden.

In de desbetreffende gevallen maakt dit aanvullende maatregelen op radio-ontstoringsgebied noodzakelijk. Table Page 44 Users Manual The Fluke with its menu-driven control makes it easy for you to work with the instrument and allows a large choice and configuration of the provided test signals.

Page 48 Closed Captioning CC is a subtitling system which is transmitted using either field of line Page Introduction Getting Started Introduction Introduction This chapter starts with the general procedures and precautions necessary for operation followed by a brief checking procedure. It contains a summary of controls and connectors on the front and rear panels and the display. Getting Started General Information This section outlines the procedure and precautions necessary for operation.

It is assumed that the operator doing the test is familiar with the instrument and its specifications. Page 56 Users Manual Figure For the relationship between carrier frequency and TV channel number, see Appendix B. Page 58 Users Manual Figure Sound Parameter Settings Check if the sound modulation is set to internal and if an appropriate modulation frequency is selected, for example, If not: CH 1 1.

In this example, you get the following combined test pattern and a mono sound with 1 kHz modulation. Page Operation And Application Getting Started Operation and Application Operation and Application Control Elements, Display and Connectors The controls and connectors are listed according to their functional sections, and a brief description of each is given.

IEEE bus connector for remote control. RS connector for remote control. Page Introduction How to Use the Instrument Introduction Introduction Chapter 4 explains the TV Signal Generator and describes the different test patterns and application examples for test patterns. Operating via Keyboard General Information This section describes the principle of the user interface and the submenus.

It explains, by means of examples, how to use the keys and popup menus to select parameters and settings. Further default settings, for example, the pre-emphasis, are shown in the assigned submenus. You can also select the TV system directly with the keys , and The instrument returns to the last enter setting.

Video Amplitude Setting You can directly key in a certain value for the video amplitude using the numerical keypad or you can change the amplitude stepwise with L and M step keys, if the step Keeping a key pressed, effects continuous stepping with increasing stepwidth. You can also directly key in the value without pressing the softkey F3. The LED above the key indicates that the pattern is switched on.

Pressing a key longer than one second calls up a popup menu for parameter or additional pattern selection. This setting is stored for the purity key function until you select a different purity using the popup menu. When you switch off the instrument, the current settings are automatically saved separately.

You can also use the softkey F1 or F2 to select the register number. Note that the current memory contents will be overwritten. If you store the instrument settings, you automatically store the selected mode into the memory register for the instrument settings, for example, PDC Data Set 4 on , not the Most of these are provided in different versions. It is also possible to combine several test patterns. The test patterns are used for checking and alignment of monochrome and color television sets, VCRs, and video equipment.

In the format small circles are shown in the corners. The white circle changes automatically to black when used with the white pattern. The circle can be added with all patterns and combined patterns except Progressive Scan Check 3. Circle, Aspect Ratio Figure Circle, Aspect Ratio Applications: Circle on a black background is suited for checking the overall linearity and geometry of the screen of a monitor or TV. Page Users Manual Table For further details, see table below.

The pattern can be switched over to black dots on a white background by selecting in the Dots popup menu. Crosshatch, Aspect Ratio Figure


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Offers additional sound test signals and a highly stable RF output, making it ideal for complete testing of TV sets, VCRs or other related equipment. There are over test patterns for calibrating geometry in and aspectratio , synchronization, focusing, static and dynamic convergence. The output frequency can be set directly with a resolution of 50 kHz. If you have a detailed inventory list, or want to upload images of equipment, please send direct to:. Your profile gives you access to valuable resources including Tekmart's renowned technical library, your personalized quote history and faster quotes. Yes, please set up my profile. No thanks just send my quote.


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