Fulmen is a lead-acid battery brand now owned by Exide Technologies. It was an independent company until the s. In Fulmen opened its first factory in Clichy. In , the first automotive fiacre created by Louis Kreiger used a Fulmen battery located between the two front wheels. Four years later,Fulmen batteries equipped the Narval submarine.

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Powering the road ahead Innovative battery solutions for the independent aftermarket Fulmen is introducing the next generation of light vehicle batteries to the aftermarket. Many ideas found in the new range were first developed in our original equipment business, where we design batteries for leading carmakers. The pioneering new range was designed to support the latest technologies, including Start-Stop and energy recuperation.

This means powerful performance today and readiness for the future of the car parc. Getting ready for the future The European car parc is changing at unprecedented speed. These ambitious targets. Micro-hybrid vehicle production levels are already soaring in Europe. While cars with conventional powertrains still account for a majority of the car parc, the percentage of Start-Stop vehicles is accelerating rapidly every year.

Trusted by leading carmakers We have been supplying lead-acid batteries to carmakers for over years. We design the most technically advanced products in the industry, and were the first to introduce Start-Stop technology. Carmakers trust the quality of our products and our commitment to excellence in manufacturing. Positive plate: Framed grid with high-tech alloy.

The high-capillarity glass mat separator provides extra absorption for maximum electrolyte volume and to avoid stratification. This technique was discovered during the development of our AGM and EFB ranges, leading to improved charge acceptance and a significant reduction in charging times.

The Formula Xtreme Carbon Boost battery is designed to withstand extreme temperature, power-hungry electrical equipment and intensive urban driving. The reinforced 3D diamond mesh ensures that the active mass stays fixed on the mesh, resulting in better electrical performance and longer lifespan.

Lab tests show that it takes significantly less time to recharge an Fulmen Formula Xtreme Carbon Boost battery than a standard battery under the same conditions. Did you know? But it is during the cold season that more energy is needed for light and heating. In urban environments the engine is often turned off or idle, and the electrical system may consume more power than the alternator can supply.

This puts extra pressure on the battery. Hot weather accelerates self-discharge, grid corrosion and active material shedding. It could lead to shorter service life if batteries are not reinforced for extreme climates. Power-hungry electrical equipment, such as media players or navigation equipment, put extra pressure on the battery.

We have a comprehensive range of accessories and support. Exide chargers can be used on cars, boats and motorcycles, and are ideal for both consumers and professionals alike.

Workshops use the device to ensure customers leave with a fully charged battery every time. Want to find out more? Scan the QR code on the label and get more information right away. No more waiting until you get home. Web Catalogue Find the right battery from your computer, using our web catalogue powered by TecDoc on www. Start-Stop powertrains work very differently from those on standard cars. Fulmen recycles! What to do with old batteries? Subscribe to our recycling programme.

We pick them up and reward you for your environmental consciousness. You can use Start-Stop batteries on cars with Conventional powertrains. Avoid early battery failure and save money in the long run by Special vehicles like taxis, ambulances and police cars require choosing AGM or EFB batteries.

The same applies to cars with power-hungry electrical equipment and cars used primarily in urban environments. Start-Stop Auxiliary Fulmen is launching its Auxiliary range on the aftermarket, building on experience gained through our original equipment business.

Auxiliary batteries power the electrical equipment in certain cars, as a complement to the main starter battery. We also produce batteries for commercial vehicles, motorcycles, boats and caravans. Contact your local sales representative or visit www.

The company develops state-of-the-art energy storage solutions for the automotive and industrial market. Leading car, truck and lift truck manufacturers trust in Exide Technologies as an original equipment supplier. Exide also serves the aftermarket through a portfolio of successful and well-known brands. Exide Transportation manufactures batteries for light and commercial vehicles, as well as agricultural and marine leisure applications.

Industrial markets — under the division GNB Industrial Power — include efficient energy storage solutions for motive power applications such as lift trucks, cleaning machines and other commercial electrical vehicles, and network power applications such as telecommunications systems, renewables, and uninterruptible power supply UPS.

Its world-class recycling facilities ensure that batteries will be reused, helping to make a positive contribution to the environment. Exide also provides services, accessories and energy consulting to its clients. Presentation of the new range of batteries for light vehicles from Fulmen. See More. Light Vehicle Battery Solutions Powering the road ahead! We design the most technically advanced products in the industry, and were the first to introduce Start-Stop technology pg.

Our technology has evolved rapidly ever since, with each components and materials, including high-surface glass mat new generation making large gains in efficiency and perfor- separators, advanced lead-tin alloys and unique carbon mance. We have invested millions into advanced manufactu- additives in the active mass.

We are able to meet the stringent requirements of This new-generation AGM battery also supports sailing as well as carmakers, giving the aftermarket confidence in the quality of other intelligent fuel-saving features. While battery failure the battery is needed to dissolve the sulphate, which makes much faster. During discharge, non-conductive sulphate particles performance Did you know?

Conventional Start-Stop Testing Always replace your battery with a new battery that uses the same technology. Power required by Engine Basic Medium Charging Battery Charger Battery Tester Exide chargers can be used on cars, boats and motorcycles, and are ideal for both consumers and professionals alike.

Fulmen offers a range of easy-to-use testers that work with all types of batteries. High Battery ok? Search by car model, VIN or registration number to quickly find the right battery on the go.

Standard Formula Formula Xtreme The economy solution for older cars with basic equipment The reference battery The highperformance battery Did you know! Exide Technologies. Published on Aug 24, Go explore.


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