We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. An English prisoner named Gregory develops Stockholm syndrome, where the captor and captured form a positive bond. The irony of it is that no one ever checked up on the orders to have Gregory killed. Don't use plagiarized sources. The situational irony of it is that that cost him his life.

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Moreover, he has no orders to kill Torres it was his own decision to kill someone. In both stories, the protagonists face dilemmas which lead them to question whether they should be loyal to their leader or friend, or follow their instincts.

You could choose to either follow your orders or follow your instincts. Gregory was described as a silly fool for not escaping when the officers were drunk and had dozed off or when Gregory was sent to do the laundry alone. Since Gregory was unwilling to go in the cold. Home Page Gregory, by Panos Ioannides. Gregory, by Panos Ioannides Words 6 Pages. The Narrator wants to follow his gut and skirt tragedy, but in the end he wants to save himself from his superiors.

In the beginning of the story Gregory has a gun pointed at him, which is being held by the Narrator; the story then jumps back to explain what led up to this point.

The Narrator has executed five people before Gregory finding that it is getting easier to execute prisoners; however, Gregory is different. Gregory is a very nice man, who does multiple things for the Narrator and considers him a friend.

Gregory feels sure of this because they ate together. After the Lieutenant is executed the orders are given by headquarters to kill Gregory and hang him up as an example. The Narrator and other solders that are attached to Gregory try to allow him to escape in order to skirt the execution. Even though Gregory has multiple chances to escape, he decides against it because the soldiers are his friends and he considers being on the base a better situation. However, because Gregory does not escape the Narrator and other soldiers feel obligated to execute him.

Unfortunately, that is not how life goes and this story demonstrates that well. One sincerely wants to see the Narrator chose his friend over his headquarters and it is extremely sad when that does not happen.

When first reading the story I remember wanting the Narrator to put the gun down, unfortunately this is a very real story in which the main character is set on saving himself despite the fact that it is not what he wants to do in his heart. Though I would never be in this circumstance, I would hope to have the guts that Forster speaks of to stick with a friend rather than bend to the will of a larger entity.

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"Gregory" By Panos Ioannides

Consequently, the plot focuses around an executioner who has the order to kill a British captive named Gregory, who became his friend. To make matters worse, fellow soldiers inform the executioner that he must to kill Gregory or else the Headquarters will execute him for failure to obey orders. Gregory, by Panos Ioannides Words 6 Pages. The Narrator wants to follow his gut and skirt tragedy, but in the end he wants to save himself from his superiors. However, he is finding it difficult because he does not find Gregory to be a horrible person; instead the Narrator finds Gregory to be a friend, someone who would do a great deal for the Narrator such as cook and sew.


Gregory, by Panos Ioannides

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Gregory: and Other Stories

The story has a lot of meaning; Panos Ioannides's "Gregory" is a miserable short story by running his friend following his protagonist. Foster explained that he wants to maintain friendship even if he sacrifices the relationship between that person and the country. Gregory 's protagonist has various ideas related to what Foster explained and an internal struggle that occurs when one has two powers pulling one. The narrator wishes to obey his instinct and the tragedy of the skirt, but eventually he wishes to protect himself from his boss. Panos Ioannides talked about loyalty, friendship, and irony. He called it "Gregory".



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