Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Honda power equipment outboard motor owner's manual 45 pages. All information formation available at the time of approval for printing. Honda Motor Co.

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Show More. Agan Eren. Sean Mullin , Horticulturalist at Tilray at Horticulturalist. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Thank you for purchasing a Honda Outboard Motor. This manual covers operation and maintenance of the Honda. Outboard Motor. All information in this publication is based on the latest product information available at the time of approval for printing.

Honda Motor Co. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission. This manual should, be considered a permanent part of the Outboard Motor and should remain with the Outboard Motor when it is sold. Pay special attention to statements preceded by the following words: B Indicates a strong possibility of severe personal injury or loss of life if instructions are not followed.

NOTE: Gives helpful information. If a problem should arise, or if you have any questions about the Outboard Motor, consult an authorized Honda dealer. Failure to do so could result in personal injury or equipment damage 2. High altitude operation Never run the out-board motor in a closed garage or confined area. Refuel in a well ventilated area with the engine stopped. Fuel vapor or spilled fuel may ignite.

If any fuel is spilled, make sure the area is dry before starting the engine. Damage and injury may result. Installation Position Install at the stern at the center line of the boat. Installation Height Make sure that the transom height is correct for the motor. Incorrect installation height will reduce per-formance. The motor should be installed so that the anti-cavitation plate is cm 0. CAUTION: The water level must be at least 4 inches above the anticavita-tion plate, otherwise the water pump may not receive sufficient cooling water, and the engine will overheat.

Motor Attachment Attach the stern bracket to the transom and tighten the clamp screws. While operating the boat, check the tightness of the clamp screws occasionally.

Tie a rope through the hole in the stern bracket and secure the other end of the rope to the boat. ROPE 9. Motor Angle In cruising Adjust the motor so the axis of the propeller is parallel with the water surface. There are four adjusting stages. Push in A the adjusting rod, twist upwards B and pull out to remove. Inserting the rod in the proper hole, twist it down to lock. Non-detergent and low quality oils are not recommended. Use Honda 4-stroke oil, or an equiv-alent high detergent, premium qual-ity motor oil certified t0 meet or exceed U.

Motor oils classified SE or SF will show this designation on the container. SAE low is recommended for general, all-temperature use. Position the outboard motor vertically, and remove the engine cover. Remove the dipstick and wipe with a clean rag. Reinsert the dipstick, and check the oil level with the dipstick resting on the filler opening do not screw in. If the oil level is down toward the cc mark, fill to the cc mark. Oil capacity: 0. Check the fuel level Check the fuel gauge and refill the tank if the fuel level is low.

NOTE: Open the vent knob before removing the fuel filler cap. When the vent knob is firmly closed, the cap will be difficult to remove. Use any regular grade automotive gasoline unleaded gasoline is preferred with a pump octane rating of 86 or higher. Avoid getting dirt, dust or water in the fuel tank. Fuel tank capacity: 13 II 3. Check the following items. Connect the fuel line to the tank and outboard motor, as shown. Be sure the connectors are securely latched.

NOTE: l Position the fuel tank so the tank fuel line connector is no more than 1 meter 3. Open the fuel cap vent knob 2 to 3 turns.

Squeeze and release the primer bulb until it feels firm, indicating that fuel has reached the motor. Check for leaks. Spilled fuel may ignite. NOTE: Do not use the primer bulb whiie the engine is running. Starting 1. Pull the starter rope slowly until a resistance is felt, then pull briskly. NOTE: Do not allow the starter grip to snap back. Return it slowly by hand. The oil pressure indicator lamp should be on while the engine is running above idle speed.

If the lamp goes off, stop the engine immediately, check. After starting, be sure water is flowing out of the water check tube. Check to see if the screen in the cooling water inlet is obstructed. Do not operate the engine until the problem has been corrected. If the choke was used, push it in gradually as the engine warms up.

Emergency Starting If the recoil starter is not working properly, the engine can be started with the spare starter rope in the tool kit.


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