Zkladn informace o americkm systmu vzdlvn Zpsob vyuit Snmky seznamuj se zkladnmi informacemi o systmu vzdlvn v USA, popisuj jednotliv typy kol, obsahuj doprovodn fotografie. V prbhu kontroln otzka a odpov. Autor Mgr. Terezie Kaslkov.

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Nathaniel Hawthorne Mgr. Vytvoeno: Listopad Ronk: 3. Obsahuje zkladn pehled ivota a dla vybranho autora. Prezentace obsahuje zkladn pehled autorova ivota a dla. Znalosti jsou ovovny prostednictvm otzek zamen nejen na ivot autora, ale i na rozbor dje jeho hlavnho dla. Zahrnuta je i skupinov prce a nsledn rozvoj mluvnch dovednost.

Materil je primrn zamen na dva posledn ronky gymnzia, i pesto se d vyut i v nich roncch osmiletho i tyletho studia vcelku nebo jeho jednotliv sti. Pomcky: interaktivn tabule Nathaniel Hawthorne Then , he dies in Hester's arms. Hawthornes major works Mosses from an Old Manse: a collection of essays, often about early America The House of the Seven Gables : a gothic novel, deals with a family living in a gloomy mansion in New England The Blithedale Romance : set in the utopian community of Blithedale The Marble Faun : takes place in fantastical Italy.

It manifests features of a fable, gothic novel, and travel guide. Scarlet Letter : Hawthornes masterpiece Scarlet Letter Read a detailed plot overview here and answer the following questions: 1. What is the occupation of the nameless narrator of the book? How does the story begin?

Who is Hester's husband? Why does Hester have to wear the Scarlet Letter A? Who does Hester have an affair with? How does Hester's lover feel throughout the story? Does Hester's husband take any action? Where do the lovers want to leave for? What is the final resolution? Does Pearl keep in touch with her mother after leaving Boston?

Put all the information together and try to retell the story in your own words. Video Pairwork Before watching the video, brush up on the main.

Take turns to give a full account of the story. Scarlet Letter video Underlying ideas in Scarlet Letter puritan morality vs. Self-check Correct the following statements: 1. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in New York. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem Massachusetts. He worked as a painter. He worked as a custom surveyor and United States consul. He is sometimes referred to as American Chaucer.

He is sometimes referred to as American Shakespeare. He was greatly influenced by Zen Buddhism. He was greatly influenced by transcendentalism. He is renowned especially for his great novel The Blithedale Romance. He is renowned especially for his great novel Scarlet Letter.

Gymnzium a Jazykov kola s prvem sttn jazykov zkouky Svitavy Zdroje a literatura Obrzky: 1. Wikimedia Commons [online]. Biography of Nathaniel Hawthorne [online]. Dostupn na WWW:. Nathaniel Hawthorne [online]. Scarlet Letter [online]. Materil je uren pro bezplatn pouvn pro poteby vuky a vzdlvn na vech typech kol a kolskch zazench. Jakkoliv dal vyuit podlh autorskmu zkonu.

Bellwork Copy and complete on the top half of the last page Special Topic: Considerations for Families in the Child. PowerPoint Presentation. Spelling: Doesn't. Pomcky: interaktivn tabule Nathaniel Hawthorne a writer of short stories and novels born in Salem Massachusetts grew up in seclusion just with his mother worked as a custom surveyor and United States consul sometimes referred to as American Shakespeare influenced by transcendentalism: dates back to the early 19th century philosophical as well as religious movement led by Ralph Waldo Emerson based on belief that divinity can be perceived everywhere, especially in natural world.

Related Presentations. Chapter Statistical Issues in the Evaluation of Predictive Celebration of 70th year of adoption Constitution Interactive Image Segmentation using Graph cuts. Lussier - Human Relations in Organizations. Recently Viewed Presentations Bellwork Copy and complete on the top half of the last page Differences in values among participants are important to recognize, as they may come up in the training and can come up with the families who participants are working with.

PowerPoint Presentation Describe the four factors of production. Describe the three basic economic questions each country must answer to make decisions about using its resources. Contrast the way a market economy and a command economy answer the three economic questions. PowerPoint-presentatie Daarom doet hij mee met het Songfestival. Sommige mensen hebben een afkeervan het Songfestival, een gevoel dat je iets vervelend vindt of helemaal niet wilt.

Die mensen vinden het Songfestival stom. Maar gelukkig vindt niet iedereen dat. Van te voren It will print out "good args! Use GDB to find what numbers to use, and if you get stuck, look PowerPoint Presentation Once you establish the state you are writing from, you do not need to follow other cities with the state again in your writing, unless you are discussing multiple states.

In that case, you would follow all cities with their Spelling: Doesn't At GCSE you will have an anthologie that contains 15 poems from different poets, exploring various ideas around power and conflict. Spelling anthologie correctly will help you to show the examiner how well you have studied towards your English Literature Cancel Continue.


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