Table of Contents. The items of business are listed in the following Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders and are more fully addressed in the Proxy Statement. We are pleased to take advantage of the Securities and Exchange Commission rule allowing companies to furnish proxy materials to stockholders over the Internet. We believe that this e-proxy process expedites stockholders' receipt of proxy materials, while also lowering the costs and reducing the environmental impact of our Annual Meeting.

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If required, a colour version of these diagrams can be downloaded from www. To obtain. Alternatively, they are useful where the use of physical AtoNs are removed on a temporary basis, until more permanent.

AtoNs can be established. Virtual AIS AtoNs may be established to mark areas where navigation features change frequently and would. Where environmental or ecological factors make it desirable not to place a physical aid. The se aids are updated by Chinese. China also promulgate Temporary. For ENC symbols used in. For vessels longer than. This system is designed to improve the safety of vessels entering the Ports of Kolkata. This list is a summary of the entries in the current editions of the Admiralty List of.

The entries affected are shown in bold type followed by the numbers of the Weekly. Rescue operations. A network of Coast Radio Stations maintains a continuous listening watch on.

NOTES: 1. Address: No 1. Shahidi St. Shahid Haghani Highway, Vanak Sq. Postal Code: The ports and maritime organization is responsible for coordinating maritime Search and Rescue operations. A network of Coast Radio.

The se checks are aimed. The checks include direct. The Search and Rescue Offi cers conducting such. Given the. An electronic copy of the user manual is also. The e-mail address to be used is rccaus amsa. This action may include the launching of search. Note: The resources available for an air search decrease with distance from.

Sydney on the 3rd of the month. She has a speed of advance of 18 knots. Additional fi elds should be. The reason for the deviation should be included in Field X. If the condition of the ship is such that there is danger of.

P4 Names of manufacturers of goods when known, or consignee or. Include of fi cial registration marks. P6 An estimate of the quantity and likely condition of the goods. Q2 The ability of the ship to transfer cargo and ballast or fuel. R4 Names of manufacturers of goods when known, or consignee or. R6 An estimate of the quantity and likely condition of the goods. In the case of actual discharge the. U, X of the standard reporting format. In the case of probable discharge, fi eld B should.

P1 Type of oil or the correct technical name of the noxious liquid substances. P4 Names of manufacturers of substances, if appropriate, where they are. R1 Type of oil or the correct technical name of the noxious liquid discharged. R4 Names of manufacturers of substances, if appropriate, where they are. R9 Estimate of movement of the discharge or lost substances, giving current. R10 Estimate of the surface area of the spill if possible.

X3 The Master of an assisting or salvaging ship should report the particulars. In the case of actual discharges the primary report should contain message format. In the case of. The Master of any ship engaged in or requested to engage in an operation. The point of. Next non-Australian port of destination and estimated time of arrival at that.

Radio communications arrangements. This item is left blank; or, if no Final Report is to be sent by the Master of.

P 1 - Normal name of the Cargo; 2 - indicate Yes or No if cargo is classifi ed as. Brief details of type of pollution lost overboard oil, chemicals, etc and also. A vessel with a. If required, a colour version of these diagrams can be downloaded from the UKHO website. To obtain a. Communications , in conjunction with regional Turkish Coast Guard centres, are responsible for the coordination of all maritime distress. A network of Coast Radio Stations maintains a continuous.

Preferred inter RCC language is English. To facilitate the safety of navigation in conjunction with the Cable Car operating across. Pilots should be ordered through the local agent 4h in advance. Notwithstanding the above, the Hr Mr may insist on the use of a Pilot in the. The 2h notice should be. Canadian waters and adjacent seas of f the coast of Canada, and for the provision of dedicated SAR aircraft in support of maritime SAR. Contact is established through the Canadian Coast Guard Radio.

Possible consultation languages: English and French. Interpreters may be provided for other languages. The reafter, vessels must request permission from FPSO.

Only vessels that have. The re are permanent passing and overtaking prohibitions in Helsinki VTS area 1 as. Any changes to the time of. The procedure of giving a notice. The order is based on the agreed berthing times obtained by the Port of. The organisation. VTS grants or denies clearance for departure depending on the traffi c situation. The procedure regarding permission to depart also. The VTS does. Gale warnings and weather synopsis for East Asia, 24 hour forecast for Sea Areas and Shanghai Harbour see diagram on.

R: Gale warnings, weather situation and 24 hour forecast for Sea Areas see diagram on page ETA updates should also be sent 96h,. Mooring operations are normally. Night time berthing shall only be permitted at the discretion of the. On receipt of the 72h ETA notice, the terminal shall respond to the. A: Weather bulletins for Sea Areas , and in French and English. Vessels with a draught of 6m and over shall use a Pilot when navigating.

The top level is formed by. The Search and Rescue Service is assisted by a national maritime Search and Rescue committee, a body under the. Border Guard HQ. Possible consultation languages: English, Finnish and. The Harbour. Address: Av.

Capital, Venezuela.


Index of IMO Resolutions

I ftitC. There was no uniform format and rigorous methodological process and investigations followed as may be entailed for an academic publication and for journals. According to the Hugaiiin iliaister of Agriculture, the total whtat cr. Family Planning is being expanded in health centres through midwives, social marketing and now includes inter-uterine devices and implants. June S 34 Feb. The amount of subscriptions Bond sales par value — bonds.


Admiralty Lists of Radio Signals - The Tyneside Nautical Charts ...

Each committee brings resolutions to amend part of International convention that they are associated with. The number in the bracket shows the sessions in which this resolution was adopted. So the resolution MSC. The only permanent thing in this world is Change. A convention passed 30 years back may have many elements which are not applicable today.




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