In the present investigation was evaluated yield extraction and some physicochemical properties of seed fat for 20 mango Mangifera Indica L. Seeds of mature fruit were processed in flour and were obtained the following composition: fat 6. The physicochemical characteristics in the crude mango fat showed the following ranges: acid value 0. The fatty acid profile presented oleic acid

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Rev Chil Nutr Vol. Universidad del Tolima, Colombia. Seed oil was obtained by soxhlet and bioreactor; the fatty acids were determined and characterized by gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry GLC-MS. Meanwhile, the main unusually fatty acids in leaves and roots are ciclopropenic acids.

The phytocompounds, omega and functional fatty acids could be responsible for the lipophilic antioxidant activity in leaves.

Omega, functional fatty acids, antioxidant activity, Inca peanut, ciclopropenic acids. Las semillas de P. Las investigaciones realizadas con Sacha inchi por Follegatt -Romero et al mostraron rendimientos de Se afirma que la densidad se modifica No se observaron diferencias importantes entre ellos.

De lo anterior se deduce que la capacidad antioxidante del vegetal es derivada del conjunto de sus metabolitos, y no de un tipo en particular.

Considerando el efecto conjunto que producen los esteroles y los PUFA, los resultados obtenidos en este trabajo hacen pensar que el aceite de Sacha inchi posee la capacidad de reducir el riesgo de dislipidemias.

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Hydrogen isotopic fractionations during desaturation and elongation associated with polyunsaturated fatty acid biosynthesis in marine macroalgae. Scarpelli D. Mitogenic activity of Sterculic Acid, a cyclopropenoid fatty acid. J Science ; Short chain fatty acids regulate tyrosine hydroxylase gene expression through a cAMP-dependent signaling pathway.

Molecular Brain Res ; Micallef M, Garg M. Anti-inflammatory and cardio protective effects of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and plant sterols in hyperlipidemic individuals. Atherosclerosis ; Este trabajo fue recibido el 4 de Mayo de , aceptado con modificaciones el 28 de Junio de y aceptado para ser publicado el 25 de Noviembre de Dirigir la correspondencia a: Profesor Jonh Jairo Mendez. E-mail: jmendez ut. Servicios Personalizados Revista.


NTE INEN 0040: Grasas y aceites comestibles. Determinación del índice de saponificación






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