Swedish newspaper HD-Sydsvenskan needed a better planning tool to control how and when articles are published online. Dashboard has given us, for the first time, an automated planning tool for the entire news week. Being a truly digital publication is about much more than just publishing online. HD-Sydsvenskan has put a lot of effort into optimizing its news flow by mapping which types of articles work best at different times of day. For instance, many readers want to get a short, quick news roundup on their mobile phone in the morning, while longer interviews and investigative pieces get a better response during evenings and weekends. But coming up with an efficient planning process for the publication of articles has long been a big challenge.

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If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, it will be necessary to download this program in order to view the documents on this page. A copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free of charge at the following website.

Download Adobe Acrobat. These reports include class rosters, lists of majors and concentrators, academic progress reports, address labels for various populations, and much more. The application is downloaded from this web site, and no purchase of software is required. Infomaker is the tool SIS distributes to access the Sybase database university wide. The following files are available:. The following training documentation about CMS is available:. Designed for the new SIS user, this documentation concentrates on getting you started with the basics of using the Mainframe SIS Database to find and update person information.

SIS is used to run many business processes required by Admissions Offices. The following training documentation about the Admission Cycle is available:. Financial Aid Documents. The following training documentation about the Financial Aid Cycle is available:. Financial Aid Toolkit. Mailing List Help. A mailing list is an automated way to send e-mail to a group of individuals. If you wish to set up a mailing list for students, applicants, or prospects, SIS can work with CUIT to set up your mailing list and populate it with names and email addresses.

Student Information Systems. Student Information Systems makes available all of its training and user guide documentation on the web for download in PDF format. This site is still being developed, so please check here periodically for new training documents as they become available. To create pamphlet, print the document double sided, tri-fold it, and use as a quick reference at your desk. Click Here High-level Design Document: The official form which need to filled up and sent to infoline columbia.

The following files are available: OpenClient and InfoMaker set up: These instructions will explain how to set up the most modern for summer set of interface drivers and ad-hoc reporting tools commonly used by schools and departments of Columbia University.

Logging on and off of the system, basic navigation skills, and information about commonly used SIS screens. PDF format, 37 pages.

Click here to open the document. The following training documentation about the Admission Cycle is available: General Admissions Toolkit. Apply Yourself Toolkit. CU Home.


How to forcibly return a license for PowerBuilder / InfoMaker

Purpose When a developer is leaving the company or moving machines, it may be necessary to forcibly remove an old license so it can be re-used again on a new machine. First, the steps in Knowledge Base Article should be followed. If it is determined a manual return is necessary, this article will provide details on how to do that. Prerequisites A license must be returned by the same user and from the same machine that first checked out the license.

ISO 17023 PDF

Digital planning tool helps HD-Sydsvenskan optimize news flow



Product Manual Appeon For InfoMaker


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