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Manual zz. It is recommended to carefully read this instruction manual throughout, before using the radios. This also in order to prevent you from using the radios out of the limits stated by the regulations. The maximum operating range will vary depending on terrain and environment. Range will be usually greater in open fields. While range is usually shorter within and around buildings or large structures. This unit may not ensure privacy of communication. Congratulations on your selection and purchase of this high quality product.

We are committed to providing quality products that fit your needs, however we would like to receive any comments or suggestions that you might have on this product, which will help us in continuous improvement of the quality. Radio must be operated on the band PMR or LPD and on the channels allowed in the country where the product is been used, in accordance with the local regulations.

Set the battery type switch 18 according to the type of used batteries Ni for rechargeable batteries and AL for alkaline batteries. Install 5 x AA size alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries and pay attention to install it with the correct polarity as indicated in the battery room. Recharge or replace the batteries at this time. To obtain the maximum performance from the batteries, recharge them only when they are fully discharged. The charging time depends on the capacity of the used batteries, it is approximately 12 hours for one set of Ni-MH batteries mAh.

When the charging time has expired, unplug the charger from the AC outlet and then disconnect it from the radio. Do never try to recharge alkaline batteries, as this might cause damage to the radio or explosion of the batteries. Set the battery type selector 18 to Ni. Always switch OFF radio before starting the battery charging process. Do not recharge batteries for more than hours, in order to avoid overcharge or overheating, which could cause damage to the radio.

Antenna High efficency rubber antenna. If no signals are being received on the operating channel, it is suggested to open the SQUELCH and adjust the volume to the desired level while listening to the background noise.

The large 6-line LCD indicates simultaneously all the programmed settings and all the enabled functions. Battery Level Indicator It shows the current battery level condition. It indicates the transmitter RF output power in the transmit mode. Memory Channel Number It indicates the selected memory channel number, total 8 memory channels are available Earset-Microphone-Charge Jack Connect an external earset-microphone to this jack.

Connect the supplied VAC battery travel charger to this jack. Use only original accessories. Connecting and using accessories other than the original ones, may cause serious damage to the radio and will void the warranty. Pressing the MENU 8 key will scroll the various functions. Built-in Speaker Built-in front speaker. Built-in Microphone Built-in microphone. This function opens Squelch in order to listen to the background noise and weak signals.

Press and hold this key again to disable the keypad LOCK function. The TX C icon will be lighted during transmission. Release the PTT 15 key at the end of your transmission to return to the receive mode. Do not touch the antenna during transmission. Belt Clip To install the belt clip, slide it down into the special slot situated in the rear side of the unit, until the block system make a click. To remove the clip, pull the block tab toward exterior and slide the clip toward the up side of the unit.

Battery Door Open this cover 17 to install or remove batteries. Battery Type Selector The battery type selector 18 is located inside the battery room. Set the switch 18 to Ni if rechargeable batteries are used. Set the switch 18 to AL if alkaline batteries are used.

To choose the desired channel, please proceed as follows : 1. P3 P4 CH CH To communicate between two or more radios, both the channel and CTCSS code selections must be the same. To communicate with other models and brands of radios, the actual radio frequency and CTCSS frequency must be matched.

Hz 88,5 91,5 94,8 97,4 ,0 ,5 ,2 ,9 No 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Freq. Hz ,8 ,8 ,0 ,3 ,8 ,5 ,3 ,2 No 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Freq. Hz ,4 ,7 ,2 ,9 ,8 ,9 ,2 ,8 No 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 - Freq.

Hz ,5 ,7 ,1 ,7 ,6 ,8 ,3 - VOX Handsfree use Function Your radio is equipped with a user selectable Voice Operated Transmitter function VOX , that is used for automatic voice transmission handsfree use or baby room monitor use.

In this mode, transmission is automatically initiated by speaking into the microphone 11 and there is no need to push the PTT To enable the VOX function, please proceed as follows : 1. This function is very convenient to reduce the current drain and extend battery life when communicating within short distance. To select the output power on the PMR Band : 1. Note : this function is available only on the 8 PMR channels. Squelch level Selection This function allows to silent the receiver by cutting the background noise, when no signals are received.

To select the desired Squelch level, please proceed as follows : 1. If level 0 is selected, Squelch will be open and you will hear the background noise. Keypad Program Tone Setting When a key is pressed, a beep tone is heard to confirm your command. The user may enable or disable this keypad program tone. This will prompt any receiving unit that your transmission has ended.

To enable or disable this function, please proceed as follows : 1. Call Tone Setting The radio is equipped with 3 user selectable Call tone melodies. To set the desired Call tone melody, please proceed as follows : 1. To set the Dual Watch function, please proceed as follows : 1. Select the first channel to be monitored.

When the Dual watch function is enabled, the DW icon I appears on the LCD display and the radio will start monitoring and will stop when a signal is received on one of the two stored channels, scan will re-start at the end of transmission. If it senses no transmission within 5 seconds, it automatically switches to the Power Save mode.

The Radio can still receive transmissions in this mode. To store a channel in one of the 8 memory channels, please proceed as follows : 1. If the memory channel 0 is selected, no channels can be stored as a memory channel. If a memory channel has been already programmed and stored, a new programming will replace the previous on overwriting.

The radio will enter in Stand-by mode. The radio will show the last programmed memory channel. In no memory channels have been programmed, radio will return automatically to Stand-by mode. Memory Channels Delete 1. Recall the desired memory channel as indicated above. To start the automatic scan function proceed as follows : Automatic Channel Scanning 1. SCAN will automatically stop when a signal is detected on one channel, in order to listen to the communication and SCAN will re-start when no more signal is detected on that channel after about 4 seconds.

SCAN will then restart after about 14 seconds if no signals are received on that channel. Two different scrambler formulas are available and selectable If a damaged antenna comes in contact with the skin, a minor burn may occur. Battery Operation - Important Information Dispose of battery in the proper manner, according to federal, state and local regulations that apply in your area.

A battery may leak electrolyte if it is mixed in a set with different battery types, if inserted incorrectly, if disposed of in fire, or if an attempt is made to charge a battery not intended to be charged. Discard leaky batteries immediately. Leaking batteries can cause skin burns or other personal injury.

Changes or modifications to this product could void your authority to operate this unit. Your radio is produced and factory set to transmit a regulated signal on an assigned frequency. It is against the law to alter or adjust the settings inside the radio to exceed those limitations. Any adjustment to your radio must be made by a qualified authorized technician or service. To be safe and sure : Never open the cabinet of your radio. Never change or replace anything in your radio except the battery.

Your radio might cause TV or radio interference even when it is operating properly. To determine whether your radio is causing the interference, turn it off. If the interference goes away, your radio is causing it. Try to eliminate the interference by moving your radio away from the receiver.


INTEK MT-5050 MT5050 Leaflet

Manual zz. It is recommended to carefully read this instruction manual throughout, before using the radios. This also in order to prevent you from using the radios out of the limits stated by the regulations. The maximum operating range will vary depending on terrain and environment. Range will be usually greater in open fields. While range is usually shorter within and around buildings or large structures.


Intek MT-5050 Owner's Manual


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