Quick Links. Table of Contents. Output: 15 Amp output, W resistive and inductive,. Electrical shock hazard. Risk of injury or death. Always plug three-prong plug.

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Follow these steps to Program an Astronomical Timer Intermatic DT for your next outdoor landscape lighting installation.

Click Here to watch an instructional video on how to program the DT timer. Remove separator card from back battery compartment. Whatever is blinking on the display is what you will be changing. Turn the dial till the correct hour is showing, press OK. Now the minutes will be blinking again turn the dial till the correct minutes are showing, press OK.

Now you will set the current Date using the same steps, once you have the correct Day, press Ok and so forth.

Now it will ask AUTO, this is for daylight savings. Select this and the clock will Automatically adjust for daylight savings, press OK. It will now show the week and day for daylight savings, if yours is different turn the dial and press OK to make the changes, if not then press OK till you come to the states. Turn the dial till the correct state abbreviation appears. Press OK. Now you will select which area of the state you live in, again turn the dial till the correct area appears, press OK.

The program will now show you the current times for Sunrise and Sunset, press OK for each. The screen should now display the current time with the current day below it, in the top left part of the screen you will see the word MAN, this is indicating that the clock will need to be turned ON and OFF manually, we will get to that next. In the top left area you will see the word SKIP flashing, this would be selected if you wanted to skip this program.

You need to select a time to turn ON. As you turn the dial, you will see different options. Once you have gone thru all the steps and arrive at event 3 you can select another time to turn ON and OFF. If correct press OK and the clock is set. If not correct you can change the Programs by simply pressing the PROG button and repeating the procedure.

You will need to go thru the whole set up again ending when you see the correct Time and Day. If you need to reset the clock, press and hold the OK button while inserting a small round long object, like a paper clip, into the hole below the OK button and holding it till the screen goes blank. Outdoor Lighting Distributors. Share This.


Intermatic 2 Outlet Digital Timer DT620CL 120 Volt

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Intermatic DT620CL 15 Amp Indoor Astronomic Digital Timer



Intermatic 2 Outlet Digital Timer DT620CL 120 Volt



Intermatic DT620CL


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