Posted by mik-dadi Oct 29, Zanzibar Football Federation. Finance and Planning Committee. Internal Audit Committee.

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Posted by mik-dadi Oct 29, Zanzibar Football Federation. Finance and Planning Committee. Internal Audit Committee. Competition Organizing Committee. Technical and Development Committee. Youth football Development Committee. Referees Committee. Legal and Ethical and Fair Play Committee. Media and Marketing Committee. Sports Medical Committee. Zanzibar League Board. Beach Soccer and Futsal Committee. Article 1- Delegates:. Article 2: Chair. Article 3: Scrutineers. Article 4: Interpreters. Article 5: Debates.

Article 6: Speaker. Article 7: Proposals. Article 8: Procedural motions and closing of debates. Article 9: Votes. Except for Honorary members which shall be granted to a person or a group of persons in recognition of their proven exceptional contribution in the promotion of football in Zanzibar, ZFF Membership shall be obtained by an application which is accompanied by: —.

The General Secretariat shall carry out all the executive operational and administrative works of ZFF. The members of the General Secretariat are bound by the internal organisational regulations of ZFF and shall fulfil the given tasks in the best manner. To behave ethically and act with integrity in all situations, keeping in mind that a reputation for integrity is of the utmost importance to ZFF and its objectives.

To treat everyone with respect, and protect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of every human being. To be committed to the diverse culture. There shall be no discrimination as a result of race, ethnicity, origin, skin colour, nationality, religion, age, gander, language, physical appearance, political opinion, or engagement in any kind of verbal or physical harassment based on any of the above mentioned or any other criteria.

To comply with all applicable football laws and regulations and adhere to internal rules and regulations. To act always in the best interests of ZFF and its objectives. It is the personalresponsibility of each member of the ZFF family to avoid any conflict of interest.

To be committed to take social and environmental responsibility seriously and to contribute to positive social change through football.

To play pioneering role in the fight against drugs and doping in sport and to strictly against drugs and all doping practices. Do not take part in betting connected with football and do not tolerate any form of manipulation or unlawful influencing of match results. These Statutes were adopted at the General Assembly on ……… dayof ……… and came into force on the same day.

At the beginning of the first session, the General Assembly shall appoint an adequate number of scrutineers to count the votes. The Executive Committee may decide to use electronic equipment to determine the results of a vote. Definitions For the purpose of this Statuteand unless the context otherwisedetermines.

It has its have sub office in Pemba. TFF is neither political norreligious organization. It is against all forms of political, religious, gender and ethical discriminations. It is formed for an unlimited period. To improve the game of football constantly and promote, regulate and control it throughout the Zanzibar in accordance with the principles of fair play and its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programmes.

To organize competitions in all its forms by defining precisely, as required, the areas of authority delegated to the various members and Leagues of which it is composed. To draw up regulations and provisions and to ensure their enforcement. To protect the interests of its Members. To prevent all methods or practices which might jeopardise the integrity of matches in competitions or give rise to abuse of Federation Football.

To control and supervise all football matches of all forms played throughout Zanzibar. To manage international sporting relations connected with Federation Football in all its forms. To host competitions at both national and international levels. To settle disputes arising between Members or bodies or persons connected directly or indirectly with football within the jurisdiction of Zanzibar. To acquire and develop playing facilities including the construction of stadiums and related facilities.

To do all such things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the ZFF objectives. To protect the right of players and create enabling environment for their welfare and development.

A declaration that the head office is located and registered in Zanzibar. A declaration thatthe member participates regularly in the tournaments organized by ZFF. A declaration to the effect that all official home matches are played within Zanzibar. A declaration that the member will pay annual subscription fees timely and accurately.

A declaration that the member will comply with the Laws of the Game in force. The Application shall be accompanied by:- a Dully filled application form. The exercise of these rights is subject to other provisions in these Statutes and the applicableRegulations.

Associate members shall only have right to take part in Annual General Meeting and be informed of affairs of ZFF through official bodies and take part in other sporting activities organised by ZFF.

Violation of the above-mentioned obligations by any Member may lead to Sanctions. Affiliation may not be refused unless the organization of the applicant is incompatible with this Statute and with article 5 in particular.

ZFF Regulations shall define the scope or authority and the rights and duties of these clubs and affiliate groups. The Statutes and regulations of these clubs and affiliate groups shall be approved by ZFF or the respective Member Association.

For Premier league team if relegated. Loss of membership status shall not relieve the member from its financial obligations towards ZFF or other members of this body.

Serious breach of the statutes, regulations, directives and decisions of ZFF may result, subsequent to the decision of the general Assembly, in the suspension of membership of ZFF for a maximum of two years. In an urgent case, the Executive Committee may impose a provisional sanction of this kind. In this case, the suspension shall only last until the next General Assembly which must make a decision on this sanction. Any decision on suspension implies the loss of the rights and obligations associated with member status while the suspension remains in force.

Failure to observe the provisions of Article 15 1 shall constitute a serious violation. The suspension shall last until the next General Assembly, unless the Executive Committee has lifted it in the meantime.

Other Members may not entertain sporting contact with a suspended Member. The Disciplinary Committee may impose further sanctions to suspended member and those interacting with.

Members that do not participate in the football activities of ZFF for two consecutive years shall be suspended from voting at the Annual General Assembly and their representatives shall not be elected or appointed until they have fulfilled their obligations in this respect. Notice of resignation must reach the General Secretary no later than 6 six months before the end of the calendar year. In each case, it shall result in the loss of member status, even before the liquidation stage is reached.

That shall also include the merger of two members. The Executive Committee shall make these nominations. Such Committees are of a consultative nature and are subject to special regulations to be approved by Executive Committee. In an urgent or special case concerning the welfare of the association requiring particular attention or in- depth analysis, the President has the authority to appoint an Ad-hoc Committee for that purpose.

Such Committee shall be of a consultative nature and subject to specific terms of reference approved by the President. It represents the supreme and legislative authority of ZFF. Only a General Assembly that is duly convened has the authority to make decisions. A General Assembly may be Ordinary or Extraordinary.

The President shall conduct the General Assembly business in compliance with the standing orders of theGeneral Assembly.

The General Assembly may appoint observers who take part in the General Assembly without the right todebate or to vote. The honorary presidents or honorary members may take part in the General Assembly.

They may join the debates but are not entitled to vote. The Executive Committee shall decide on the participation of non-members who shall be referred to as third parties at the General Assembly.

However, they shall have no voting rights although they can be consulted with the express permission of the President presiding in the meeting. Two delegates from Zanzibar beach soccer and Futsal Association. During their term of the office, members of Executive Committee may not be appointed as delegates for their respective Associations. All other delegates shall have the right to vote.

Admitting, suspending or expelling a Member; Revoking the mandate of one or a number of members of a body of ZFF; Dissolving ZFF; Passing decisions at the request of members in accordance with this Statute and Passing decisions at the request of a Member in accordance with this Statute. The invitation to the meeting must be sent out at least thirty 30 days before the meeting.


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It oversees operations of the Tanzanian football league system , the Tanzania national football team , and the Tanzania women's national team. It was founded in and has been affiliated with FIFA since It opened in and was built adjacent to Uhuru Stadium , the former national stadium. It hosts major football matches such as the Tanzanian Premier League and home matches of the Tanzania national football team.


Tanzania Football Federation



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