Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to your problem with Sony KDLEX If looking through the Sony KDLEX user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:. Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above - Print the manual. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. It meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.

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Downloaded from www. CTV i. Distorted Video All Inputs Section 3 - Service Mode CTV ii. Inverter Inverter G8S-Board. Speaker Speaker. Model Introduction Composite. Contrast Ratio DCR for all models is , Component Input. Reference the description of the component inputs for details on activating the composite input. CTV 5. The yellow composite video connector is connected to contains only digital video in its data stream.

The audio is sent over a the green component connector. The audio is connected to the same separate Stereo Mini Jack audio connection. Devices component signal. USB 2. CTV 6. The following table shows the audio inputs and the audio format which are present at the Optical Audio Output per input format. CTV 7. CTV 8. LCD Panel. CTV 9. The backlight ON and Dimmer functions are functions. It also contains all the microprocessor control circuits. The also performed on the D1-Board.

CTV A replacement LCD Panel assembly from parts will include the following items. IC is not active in the standby mode. The Standby 3. Only the Standby 3. One relay click is heard at power-on. The AU12V is the supply voltage for Standby 3. Check for the 3. As long as AC power is applied to the TV output 24V which is the supply voltage for the backlight inverter boards.

If the Standby 3. If the 12V is missing replace the power supply board. The microprocessor outputs the Power-On signal which activates the switch circuit on the power supply board and passes the 19V from the Standby power supply to active the Relay, PFC, and Main Power Supply circuits.

It should measure approximately 3. Replace the A-Board. If the power-on voltage is 3V after pressing the power button then the switch circuit on the power supply board is defective. Replace the power supply board. CN AC Input. CN1 AC Input. The PFC circuit is monitor for both over-voltage and over-temperature. Shorted speakers or connections can cause a 3X blink protection mode.

When troubleshooting a 6X backlight system failure it is key to notice if the backlights illuminate before the TV shuts off. In most cases, a 4X protection mode indicates a defective lamp or lamps. In normal operation LD should be 12V. If the the A-Board. Blink description. Because all the Backlight HV are defective. If the D1- If a 6X blink pattern is activated than a defect has occurred in one of the Board does not repair the problem replace the A-Board.

The BL-ON following areas. It will just shut-off and activate a 7X without any usually warning on the screen. The main objective when a 7X blink pattern occurs is to determine which of the following possible defects is causing the excessive temperature condition. If the TV has an actual excessive temperature condition it will take a considerable period of time to shut-off and indicate a 7X blink protection mode.

CN CN Latch Circuit. Go to the User Menu for the present TV software revision and The primary objective is to locate the defective component through the ASC web site for the most recent software version.

If the video distortion appears only in one or 2 Before proceeding with the following video troubleshooting two video inputs then the next step is to eliminate the possibility of a procedures it is assumed that the TV is turning on with the defective or improperly connected external device such as, a STB, DVR Green Power-LED illuminated, Backlight is illuminated or DVD player.

The quickest way to troubleshooting the external devices brightened raster , and the Audio is present. Troubleshooting If the external device or connections are defective then the TV is okay When a video problem occurs you will experience one of the two following and the external device and connections need to be serviced.

If the symptoms. This fact enables you to determine the defect,. For example, if the distortion appears in a No 12V. Replace A-Board input signals bypass IC The composite and component signals go directly to the video processor IC This method simply involves knowing the path the input signal must connections.

The 12V is usually take through the video processing system to reach the display. With this on one end of the connector usually left-side on bottom mount or top on knowledge you can effectively divide the video system into distinct areas, side mount connect.

Go to Step 2 causing the distortion is to change the panel aspect ratio or picture size. The individual color signals causing the distortion. If the distortion remains stationary after changing are spread out over the LVDS twist pair wires. For example, the aspect ratio then the LCD Panel assembly is causing the distortion. Therefore, this WIDE Mode distortion will display as a poor reproduction of a particular Button color not an overall loss of one color.

Go to the Product Support and Signal Diagnostic item to check signal strength and errors. NOTE: This is only for digital channels. No information will display for analog channels. All video processing circuitry is located on the A-Board. Therefore, replace the A- Signal Diagnostics. Macro-Blocking digital picture breakup is a good example of this type of distortion. Be careful though, macro-blocking can also be caused by a weak RF signal when the TV is in the tuner mode.

A loss Product Support. Therefore, Signal Diagnostics if either the picture size or geometry is abnormal the A-Board Screen is defective. Only the A-Board can cause such a distortion. Panel assembly. A white distinguishing factor is the presence of undistorted video raster can be used to determine if a WB or gamma irregularity behind the color distortion.

The distortion is basically an has occurred. The WB data stored in IC is set to the down from the top of the screen and vary in size. The pixel drive lines can be The data may become corrupted causing irregular gamma open no drive or shorted drive all the time. Depending on adjustment. These lines and pixels will also areas in the picture, as well as an irregularity in overall picture be very sharp in detail. IC Sub Micro. Go to Step 2. All other audio inputs are applied directly to IC The MT IC Go to the User Menu for the present TV software Substitute a known good device and cable on the suspected faulty input.

Replace the device or cabling if found to be defective.


Sony KDL-55EX500 Flat Panel Television User Manual



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Sony KDL-55EX500 User Manual



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