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This chapter tells us a story of a guy who was trying to smuggle a machine gun from Istanbul to Anatolia for the Independance war. Infact, the weapon smuggling from Istanbul to Anatolia during the independence war was a legendary activity..

Anzavur rebellion. I mean, Cerkez Ethem. A name of the wooden boats from black sea region of Turkey. Laz is also the name of the people from that area.. A secretsociety was caught in Konya in May and its founders were arrested.

This rebellionthat burst out upon these events was suppressed within a short period. Therebellious renegades captured Konya. This rebellion that lasted until the date of 22ndNovember was suppressed by the forces under the command of Refet Bey Bele. Turkish Dictionary. Turkish Class on Facebook. Random Pictures of Turkey Add thumbnails like this to your site.

Turkish Class on Twitter. User Stats Online users: 33 0 logged in View more user stats. Turkish Poetry and Literature. Moderators: libralady , sonunda. Usak fell into the enemy At 29th August In Though, We are wounded, And furious But, so sure of our land..

We are at the back of Dumlupinar. Nazilli fell too.. We have seen the fire and the treachery. We have resisted And are still resisting.. They celebrated their victory at the Aladdin hill for 3 days and 3 nights And when they retreated to their deaths towards Manavgat They took severed heads on the back of their saddles.

Their hearts were dark, Their belts and whips had silver, Their horses and themselves were well-fed.. Our souls are stormy, our flesh is enduring. It was the people with their unbelievable weaknesses, at the same time with their fearsome force, who resisted, Not the passionless giants with no love. Their horses were ugly, And uncared. They were not that high either. But they knew how to full gallop in the steppe without boiling over.

People had long army coats, People were barefooted, People had calpacs on their heads, Sorrow in their hearts, But there was a terrific hope in their hearts.

People fell down, they were full of agony with no hope. People were forgotten in the village houses With bullet wounds in their flesh. Their fingers looked like they were ripped off, They were bent and curled. And in their palms were soil and blood. They existed since the first ever voyage in the sea and breeze taken place Their boats were made of chesnut tree They were from 3 to 10 tons capacity, And normally they would bring hazel nuts and tobacco And took back sugar and olive oil.

But now, they were carrying their big secrets. And now they were entering Black sea from Bosphorous. Leaving behind the voice of a human and sarrows of the steel ships and the lights of the shaking boats at Kabatas.

There were people in the cabins and inside. They were long and crooked nosed and They were people with passion about their talks And they could die without asking for anything from anybody Like they would sing a song For the victory of corn bread and their anchovies. And the tips were smashing into white bits. Ismail from Arhave was From that boat..

Earlier at that night, at the harbor of Tophane, His arm making master Bekir told him: "My son, Ismail" said to him. And when the enemy projectors were hovering over the sail, off kerempe light house, Ismail asked for permission of his captain: "Captain Saban" he said, "We have to take the consigmnent into its place" he said And jumped into the jolly boat and off he went..

Ismail had serious rain from the front, One more, a bit later.. Then one more. He would be capsized if he did not know the sea as well as He knew how to throw a knife. The wind was turning to full north, There was a tiny drop of a red light, A light from a ship, Going to Sevastopol..

Ismail was rowing as his hands were bleeding, Ismail is a calm person in himself, Apart from the fight and his consignment His consignment: An automatic machine gun. And If ismail does not trust the guys in the harbor, He will take it to Ankara by himself, And deliver it by himself The wind is struggling Maybe it will turn to northwest, The closest land must be at least 15 miles away. But Ismail trusts his hands..

Those hands hold the bread, oars, lever of a boat And the nipples of the girl called Fotika in Kemeralti With the same confidence. The wind was not turned into north, And suddenly, As if all its ropes were cut off The wind was dropped.. Ismail was not expecting this, The waves went on rolling a bit more. Then, the sea, so plain And black Stopped.. Ismail was surprised and stopped rowing, How awful it is to fall off the fight.

And suddenly, He felt so deep of being by himself without anybody His hands got anxious, He pulled the oars with all his power!!!! He broke the oars.. Tides were taking the boat to the open sea.. Nothing seems possible anymore.. He got stranded in the middle of the dead sea.. He swore first.. Then, he thought of praying. Then, he smiled.. He leaned and caressed his sacred consignment Then Then people were unable to know what happened to Ismail from Arhave..

Ismail rahattir. En azdan on bes mil uzaktir en yakin sahil. Ismail beklemiyordu bunu. As usual.. My try. Open mini chat. It doesnt make sense. You can say Holidays in Turkey Grammar Textbook qdemir E-T: I see you have done this before? T-E og Coronavirus harp00n Add thumbnails like this to your site.

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Kuvayi Milliye Destani performed at the Girne Municipality Chamber Theatre






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