These Operating Instructions cover all T8 models. In order to ensure the best results, always use original Electrolux accessories. They have been designed especially for your vacuum cleaner. Denne bruksanvisningen gjelder for alle T8modeller.

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These Operating Instructions cover all T8 models. In order to ensure the best results, always use original Electrolux accessories. They have been designed especially for your vacuum cleaner. Denne bruksanvisningen gjelder for alle T8modeller.

Данное руководство по эксплуатации содержит сведения обо всех моделях серии T8. Это означает, что некоторые принадлежности и функции могут отсутствовать в комплекте выбранной Вами модели.

Для достижения наилучшего результата всегда используйте фирменные принадлежности Electrolux. Они были разработаны специально для данной модели пылесоса. Ove Upute za rad odnose se na sve T8 modele. Kako bi osigurali najbolje rezultate, uvijek koristite originalne Electrolux dodatke. Estes foram concebidos especialmente para o seu aspirador. Deze gebruiksaanwijzingen gelden voor alle T8-modellen. Gebruik voor de beste resultaten altijd originele Electroluxaccessoires.

Deze zijn speciaal ontworpen voor uw stofzuiger. En este manual de instrucciones se incluyen todos los modelos T8. Es posible que su modelo no incluya algunos accesorios o funciones.

Тези инструкции за работа се отнасят за всички модели на T8. Те са предназначени специално за вашата прахосмукачка. Parimate tulemuste tagamiseks kasutage alati Electroluxi tarvikuid. Need on valmistatud spetsiaalselt sellele tolmuimejale. Ova uputstva za upotrebu obuhvataju sve T8 modele.

Da biste obezbedili najbolje rezultate, uvek koristite originalni Electrolux dodatni pribor. The vacuum cleaner features double insulation and does not need to be earthed. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. Do not attempt to force cover to close. The above can cause serious damage to the motor — damage which is not covered by the warranty. Damage to the cleaner cable will not be covered by the warranty. Never use the vacuum cleaner if the cable is damaged.

All service and repairs must be carried out by an authorised Electrolux service centre. Always keep the vacuum cleaner in a dry place. Twist and pull apart to dismantle. The vacuum cleaner is fitted with a cable winder. Once the electric cable has been extended, it stays in that position. The cable will then rewind. Ledningen vil da bli trukket inn i apparatet igjen.

Never operate the cleaner without the dust container installed. Start the vacuum cleaner by pressing the power button. Stop the vacuum cleaner by pressing once again. Imurissa on johdon kelain. Ledningen rulles op. Imuri sammuu, kun painiketta painetaan uudelleen.

Hard floors: Use the combination floor nozzle with the lever in position 8. Reduce suction power if necessary. Use the dusting brush 11 for removal of dust coverage on furniture and slatted blinds.

Crevices, corners, etc. To avoid damaging the carpet, do not keep the nozzle stationary whilst the brush is rotating. Do not pass the nozzle across electric cables, and be sure to switch off the vacuum cleaner immediately after use. Tepper: Bruk kombimunnstykket med spaken i riktig stilling 7. Harde gulv: Bruk kombimunnstykket med spaken i riktig stilling 8. Reducer eventuelt sugestyrken.

Ahtaat tilat, nurkat jne. Always operate the cleaner with the dust container installed. Remove the dust container by pressing in the 2 grey buttons on the dust container lid. Remove the contents of the dust container by pressing the grey button on the bottom of the container. Close the dust container trapdoor lid until it clicks shut. Press down until it clicks into place.

Trykk ned til festes med et klikk. To ensure there is no restriction of airflow and optimal suction power, it is important to check the dust container for blockages. There are 2 clips on the top part of the dust container, one above the handle on the front and one on the back. Release these clips and lift the top part of the dust container assembly from the clear dust bin.

Inspect inside and around the grey central filtration assembly. Be sure to remove any obstructions that may be stuck in or on the assembly. At this stage you can rinse the dust container under lukewarm water.

Be sure to air dry it completely before placing back into the cleaner. Re-assemble the dust container by placing the central filtration assembly back into the dust container bin and securing the front and rear clips. Remove the dust container as previously described. Refer to the image for where to find the motor protection filter. Lift the top plastic cover from its position and pull the filter from its position. To clean the filter rinse under cold water and be sure to air dry for at least 24 hours before placing it back in the vacuum cleaner.

The motor filter is placed in a plastic frame. Both the filter and the frame can be rinsed. Be sure to dry them before placing back. Motorfilteret er plassert i en plastramme. Motorfilteret placeres i en plasticramme. Moottorin suodatin sijaitsee muovikehikossa. Anna niiden kuivua ennen takaisin asettamista.

Motorfiltret sitter i en plastram. The filter must be cleaned latest if the filter indicator changes in to red when the cleaner is operating at maximum power and the nozzle is raised from the floor. Refer to the image to locate the hepa filter cover latch.

Press down on the filter cover, release the latch and lift it from the vacuum cleaner. Tilt the filter on a diagonal angle and lift it from the vacuum cleaner. Tap the hepa filter face down on a flat surface covered with a sheet of paper. This will help dislodge excessive residue from the filter.

If necessary the hepa filter can be washed under a tap with cold water. Always wash the filter from the underside. Vask filteret bare fra undersiden. Air dry the hepa filter for 24 hours to ensure it is completely dry before re-using it. Re-fit the hepa filter by inserting it on a slight diagonal angle into the vacuum cleaner. Replace the hepa filter cover by inserting the bottom 2 tabs first, and then push the filter cover down until it clicks into place.

Vask altid filteret fra undersiden. Luta filtret diagonalt och lyft ur det ur dammsugaren. Kallista suodatinta hieman ja nosta se pois imurista. Suodattimen alapuolen voi kopauttaa vasten tasaista pintaa, jolle on laitettu suojapaperi.

Pese suodatin aina alapuolelta. In such cases, disconnect from mains and allow to cool for minutes. However, be careful in case the obstruction is caused by glass or needles caught inside the hose. Note: The warranty does not cover damage caused to the hose while cleaning it. Use the hose handle to clean the nozzle. If so, empty it.


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