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S L HVWX Specifica Absolute Maximum Ratings 1. Optical Characteristics 3. Electrical Characteristics 3. Block Diagram 4. Input 5. Interface Timing 20 6. Outline Dimension 8. General Precaution 8. The resolution of a Functional operation should be restricted to the conditions described under Normal Operating Conditions.

Refer to the Note 1 in the page 11 for further information Doc. Optical Characteristics The following items are measured under stable conditions. The optical characteristics should be measured in a dark room or equivalent state with the methods shown in Note 1.

This should be measured in the center of screen. Single lamp current : 6. B max? The performance of the back-light, for example life time or brightness, is much influenced by the characteristics of the DC-AC inverter for the lamp. So all the parameters of an inverter should be carefully designed so as not to produce too much leakage current from high-voltage output of the inverter.

When you design or order the inverter, please make sure that a poor lighting caused by the mismatch of the back-light and the inverter miss lighting, flicker, etc.

When you confirm it, the module should be operated in the same condition as it is installed in your instrument. Note 1 Lamp current is measured with a current meter for high frequency as shown below. Refer to the block diagram of the back-light unit in the next page for more information. Specified values are for a single lamp. Therefore lamp frequency should be detached from the horizontal synchronous frequency and its harmonics as far as possible in order to avoid interference.

Otherwise the lamps may not be turned on. Input Terminal Pin Assignment 5. Interface Timing 6. When the back-light turns on before the LCD operates or the LCD turns off before the back-light does, the display may momentarily show abnormal images.

General Precautions 8. Be careful not to twist or bend the modules. In addition to damage, this may cause improper operation or damage to the module and CCFT back-light. Do not press or scratch the surface using the harder than a HB pencil lead. If you leave the droplets for a long time, staining and discoloration may occur. Do not use Ketone type materials ex. Acetone , Ethyl alcohol, Toluene, Ethyl acid or Methyl chloride. It might permanent damage to the polarizer due to chemical reaction.

In case of contact with hands, legs or clothes, it must be washed away thoroughly with soap. It is prohibited to apply sunlight or fluorescent light in storage.

Sufficient suppression to the electromagnetic interference should be done by system manufacturers. Grounding and shielding methods may be important to minimize the interference. A longer cable between the back-light and the inverter may cause lower luminance of lamp CCFT and may require higher startup voltage Vs.


Samsung Ltm170e8-l01 17'' 1280x1024 Pixels TFT LCD Screen Display



Samsung LTM170E8-L01



17.0" Samsung LTM170E8-L01


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