The contents of this manual, including all graphics and photographs are the property of Roche Diagnostics. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, or mechanical, for any purpose, without the express written permission of Roche Diagnostics. Roche Diagnostics has made every reasonable effort to ensure that all the information contained in this manual is correct at the time of printing. However, Roche Diagnostics reserves the right to make any changes necessary without notice as part of ongoing product development. This instructions for use manual is published by the Roche Diagnostics Technical Publication department. Questions or comments regarding the contents of this instructions for use can be directed to: Roche Diagnostics Technical Publications Department Hague Road P.

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However, Roche Diagnostics GmbH reserves the right to make any changes necessary without notice as part of ongoing product development. Any customer modification to the instrument will render the warranty or service agreement null and void. Software updates are done by Roche Service representatives. The user must be familiar with the function and operation of the instrument to fully understand the processes described here.

The contents of this document may not be reproduced in any form or communicated to any third party without the prior written consent of Roche Diagnostics. Every effort is made to ensure its correctness. Subject to change without notice.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. A-9 How can ESD protection be guaranteed? In addition, a complete index can be found at the end. This section explains formatting conventions used in this manual. Symbol Used for a Start of procedure o List item e Cross-reference h Call-up software reference Note All sections or text locations marked with "NOTE" describe safe procedures that are intended to provide the user with additional help.

Caution All sections or text passages that are marked with this symbol describe procedures or indicate conditions or dangers that could damage or lead to malfunctions in the instrument, and which therefore should never be attempted. Warning Sections marked with this symbol contain information that must be observed for the prevention of personal injury to patients, users or third parties.

Risk of infection! ESD protection measures All sections or passages that are marked with this symbol warn of specific dangers in connection with static discharge.

Packages that are marked with this symbol must only be opened by trained technical staff. Lot designation Consumables: use by If a day is not indicated, apply the last day of the respective month. Store at The conditions necessary to preserve the product's shelf life before opening. Please refer to safety- related notes in the manual, accompanying this instrument. Please consult instructions for use Serial number model plate The electrode must be installed in the instrument no later than the imprinted date.

If the installation takes place on the imprinted date, it still falls within the specifications. Characteristics of this type of item are severe, possible irreversible damage to health through repeated or prolonged contact, particular with carcinogenic, genetic or reproductive danger to reproductive capabilities effects.

Caution: Avoid any contact with the human body. If you feel unwell, contact a doctor immediately. Any substances with carcinogenic, genetic or reproductive dangers are indicated appropriately. Always observe the regulations when handling such substances. These substances or their by-products can cause simultaneous damage to sensitive environmental areas.

Caution: Depending on the potential for damage, do not allow the substance to enter sewers, soils or the environment. Observe the specific disposal regulations. Danger of sensitization during contact with skin when classified with R Caution: Avoid contact with eyes and skin, do not inhale vapors. Do not use content if the packaging is damaged Protective gloves, protective goggles and suitable protective clothing must be worn April 1 Safety information.

A-3 2 Specifications. A 3 Interface specifications. A 4 Description of modules. A 5 Electronic diagrams. A System Description A A-5 Operating safety information A-6 Important notes and warnings A-6 Disinfectants A-7 Deproteinizer A-7 Other disinfectants A-7 ESD protection measures A-8 Explanation of the phenomenon A-8 Influence of electrostatic charges on components A-8 Why is ESD protection so important today?

A-8 How can ESD protection be guaranteed? A-9 Conclusion A-9 In this chapter Chapter 1 This instruments are intended to be used only for the specialized purpose described in the instructions. The most important prerequisites for use, operation, and safety are explained to ensure smooth operation.

No warranty or liability claims will be covered if the instrument is used in ways other than those described or if the necessary prerequisites and safety measures are not observed.

The instrument may be operated only by persons whose qualifications enable them to comply with the safety measures that are necessary during operation of the instrument. Suitable protective equipment, like laboratory clothing, protective gloves, protective goggles and if necessary mouth protectors, must be worn to prevent direct contact with biological working materials.

In addition, a face mask is required if there is a risk. Adjustments and maintenance performed with removed covers and connected power may be attempted only by a qualified technician who is aware of the associated dangers. Instrument repairs are to be performed only by the manufacturer or qualified service personnel. Only accessories and supplies either delivered by or approved by Roche are to be used with the instrument.

These items are manufactured especially for use with this instrument and meet the highest quality requirements. Operation of the instrument with solutions whose composition is not consistent with that of the original solutions can negatively affect, above all, the long term measurement accuracy.

Deviations in the composition of the solutions can also decrease the service life of the electrodes. The quality control requirements must be completed at least once daily for safety reasons.

Because accurate measurement results depend not only on the proper functioning of the instrument, but also on a number of other factors such as preanalytics , the results produced by the instrument should be examined by a trained expert before subsequent decisions are reached that are based on the measurement values. Important notes and warnings o The power cord may be plugged into a grounded socket only. When using an extension cord, make sure it is properly grounded.

Intentional disconnection of the grounding is not permitted.


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