DOI: There is a steadily growing demand for reliable, versatile measurement rotor balancing system which can be used to determine the machine unbalances behavior. The effect of these causes are the increase of vibration amplitudes, causing damage to elements of the machines, mainly in the bearings, reduce useful life time, and increase fatigue failure in machines. The industry requires that machines have to operate continuously, efficient maintenance philosophy, and reduce down time.

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If no pre-arrangement exists, the fan may be mounted either rigidly or flexibly for the test, regardless of the planned in-situ mounting. ANSUAMCA Balancing is generally performed on highly sensitive, purpose-built, balancing machines which permit accurate assessment of residual unbalance.

In addition, balance of individual components may be required. See references in Sections 2. Therefore, fan vibration level in-situ is not the responsibility of the fan manufac- turer unless specified in the purchase contract. The values shown are for filter-out measure- ments taken on the bearing housings. The vibration severity level of newly commissioned fans should be at or below the "start-up" level.

As operation of the fan increases with time, it is expected that the vibration level will increase due to wear and other accumulated effects. Operation at this condition should be carefully monitored and limited to the time required to develop a program for correcting the cause of the increased vibra- tion.

If the vibration severity level increases to the "shut- down" level, corrective action should be taken imme- diately or the fan should be shut down. A sudden change in the vibration level may indicate the need for prompt inspection or maintenance. These values should bbe evaluated and adjusted for each fan installation based on operational or historical data. Transitory changes in vibration level that result from relubrication or mainte- hance should not be used for evaluating the condition of equipment.

S When a fan is ordered from the manufacturer in bate condition, i. It is common for assembled fans t0 require trim balancing to reduce the vibration level to the start-up level. More From Antonio Herrera. Antonio Herrera. Gilberto Gutierrez Gutierrez. Guillermo Rpo.


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